Can druids prevent wipes as well as before?

Hi, I'm planning on finally getting my level 85 druid levelled up to 90 and I was just wondering, due to the recent changes in MoP, how useful are we in an emergency now?
I mean previously if a tank would overpull and we were near wipe, even on a lvl 85 heroic I'd be able to turn the tides on the mobs by doing a rebirth on the healer and turning into an emergency bear tank. (In my feral dps spec).
The same can be said for when on my boomkin, I have previously also rebirthed a tank and became an emergency healer for the sake of preventing a wipe. A wipe is a wipe and its bound to happen based on the skill levels of the players, but I feel like as a druid, I must try every thing I can until my character loses its last health point.

My main issue is, how would a druid go about becoming an emergency bear now without the enrage + challenging roar combo? Typically when the tank dies its due to pulls too big, and starting off without much rage means i can't run in and aoe like a madman to pull everyone towards me. Is there something I'm doing wrong or are druids just not as good at doing this now?
rage isnt used for abilities anymore, you can spam thrash and swipe all you want
of course you'll go splat pretty fast because catbear has no crit immunity, no armor mastery, reduced benefit from bear overall, and no active mitigation
Bit if you pop savage instincts, barkskin, and might of ursoc you just might live a few seconds longer.
Oh so I CAN quickly gain threat from the enemies but it isn't worth it now is what you're saying now right? That certainly is a shame since I adored how druids can swap roles on the fly. Thank you so much for your response!
10/13/2012 07:53 PMPosted by Paulbathehut
rage isnt used for abilities anymore, you can spam thrash and swipe all you want
For some odd reason, Swipe(Bear) costs rage for Ferals, but not for Guardians. But Thrash(Bear) is free in any case.

Anyway, even if you do manage to pick up thread, defenses are not that great, about equivalent to a plate dps switching into their thread stance. You can tank somewhat OK for 30 seconds if you pick the HotW talent at lvl 90, but even that isn't great, due to the lack of active mitigation. If both healer & tank are dead, you might be better off to brez the tank and pop HotW to heal him.
I've had a lot of success preventing wipes in heroic pugs by popping HotW and healing, whether it be from the main healer dying with rebirth on cooldown or them dropping group in the middle of a pull.

Tanking, we're too squishy now to make that much of a difference unless things are already nearly dead
Without HotW I've successfully tanked and healed Heroic Dungeon boss fights as a Boomkin. I've managed to tank a few bosses in MV for a couple minutes before dying on learning attempts just so we could push a bit farther and learn the fights, as well as Healed the last 10-20% on a few when all the healers were dead and it was just tanks and DPS.

With Killer Instinct (100% Int to Agility when you go into Cat/Bear Form), it's quite possible to tank in emergencies. Maybe not for an extended period of time, but long enough to possibly get to a new phase or down the boss depending on which boss it is and how far along you are. As a Boomkin you have the same stats as Resto Druids (aside from lacking Spirit in some cases), so you should be able to heal in emergencies as well.

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