Problems with Sharpened Tuskarr Spear...

This day and age in this game there are many things people want to keep and hold onto, making bag space limited. However, many people like myself, prefer to use profession bags for the sake of organization. But there lies a problem with the lure master's tackle box, all of my fishing items i have (Weather-beaten hat, mushroom chair, fishing rod, and my anglers raft) all fit into my tackle box. But, my Sharpened Tuskarr spear, an item which is only used for increase of fishing skill, is not able to be contained in the tackle box.

So, is there anyway we could make it where the spear goes into our tackle box please? thank you very much for reading this and have a great day!

Bump to keep this going since it is really bugging me at the moment.
please someone give me a good reason why the spear does not go in the fishing bag?
Seems reasonable enough.
really wish this would make it into the 5.1 ptr.
am i the only one that cares about this and the bag space problem in wow?
10/24/2012 12:51 AMPosted by Samaell
am i the only one that cares about this and the bag space problem in wow?

I have to agree with you.
I spend time before bed every night to fish as I find it relaxing and makes me a lot of gold on the AH. I have loved all the new gear for fishing this expansion and particularly the Tackle box as it stores all the fishing stuff without having piles of fishing junk through multiple bags.
But the Sharpened Tuskarr Spear does not stack.
Their are more problems with it though:
As its main use is to up fishing skill its just a pain in the !@# to use for a 2minute fishing buff. Because its a use item on a 2 handed melee item you cant move it and your fishing pole to a hot bar and use them smoothly. Once they are on the hot bar If you double click the spear on the hot bar it equips and then casts the buff but then you click the fishing pole on the hot bar and it wont equipped because its in the tackle box and your spear wont go there.
So what you end up with is a 2min buff that requires going through your bags and manually clicking 2 items and casting a buff every 2 minutes....
It's really quite simple to fix. Change the spear so it sits in the tackle box so we can smoothly use it from the hot bar and keep it with the rest of out tackle.
What's going on in the professions forums lately? Bumping this thread doesn't fix it. Please report it to Blizz to get it fixed.

Valid point nontheless.
Best way to bring this to Blizzard's attention is to report it as a bug in the game.
The spear is bloody useless, especially since they made fishing much easier. A very small 2 min fishing buff on a 5 min cooldown? Vend it.
Yah, the spear is pretty crappy. Would be nice if it acted like a flag and you just stuck it into the ground. It then would generate an aura that increased you fishing level for those in the area. Having to hold it with such a short buff on a long cooldown...crap.
10/24/2012 02:22 AMPosted by Miwok
am i the only one that cares about this and the bag space problem in wow?



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