Inscribed Crane Staff

I spent 20 days making scrolls of wisdom and farmed 50 motes of harmony and picked herbs to proc Starlight ink AND had farmed motes and herbs to make the Rain Poppy staff prior- that is part of the recipe.

When I made the staff it did not pop in my bags. All I saw was an Inscribed Crane Staff quest and thought I had to turn in a quest to get the staff like you have to do with Darkmoon Fair decks.

I flew to the Arboretum and handed in quest to Mr. Po and he gave me 10 scrolls of wisdom.

I want my staff not 10 scrolls of wisdom. Please change this NOT to be a quest in your bag when you first make the Inscribed Crane Staff. Can you please restore my staff or make restoration available on your website?
I made the staff on this character tonight and left her standing at the staff destroying quest near the Arboretum in Jade Forest.

If disenchanted items can be restored I believe the Inscribed Crane Staff can be restored also.

Take the 10 scrolls of wisdom out of my bag and replace them with the staff I made please.
I have submitted a ticket and called customer service for answers. As many of you have found out they are not restoring this item at this time.

That is extremely unfortunate. I, like most of you did not even use this crafted staff even once.

So, I am going to offer some constructive criticism for the developers.

First, when creating a quest like this (by the way I love the idea.. since this staff will be outdated as soon as we get a drop from the entry level raid) please, give us a warning/confirmation, not just a wall of quest text that the item we farmed and waited weeks to create is going to be destroyed.

Second, Add the staff as a reagent to complete the quest, so we know we are handing this in in order to get 10 scrolls of wisdom.

I hope that action is taken right away because the longer it takes to get this item restored (if it gets restored) the less valuable it is because it will be replaced as soon as a raid weapon drops.
Thank you for making this post, I would lose my mind if this happened to me. So unfair, good luck in getting your item back.
I, like others above, worked very hard to craft first the Rain Poppy Staff and then the Inscribed Crane Staff. Just 30 minutes ago, I was so tired from farming up the last few motes needed to get my staff crafted that I could barely read the quest text. Comprehending that the quest item in my bags was actually going to destroy the staff I worked for 20 days to complete was asking too much.

Why make a crafted item into a quest item that will ultimately destroy it without giving a WARNING? Such as when you use valor points or when you go to destroy/delete an item? I know that some people have said that it is all our fault for not reading the quest text. I actually thought that I did. I saw "Bring your Inscribed Crane Staff to Inkmaster Jo Po in the Arboretum." and I believe I saw "As powerful it is, at some point you know you will outgrow this staff. When that time comes, one of the Inkmasters in the Arboretum would most likely be interested in taking it from you." HOWEVER, the phrase "When that time comes" can be misinterpreted -- meaning that you could bring it to them later (not as part of the current quest) which in my exhaustion, I did.

I hope that the GM who deals with my ticket is able to see how the quest text is misleading.
I am so sorry that this happened to you as well. Many people have had this dilemma, at least 30 so far that have posted. Seems a large number of individuals are taking a huge hit here and it would be nice if we could have some feedback from the developers as to the possibility at least of making turning in and destroying the epic BOA a little more difficult.
Seems like people need to learn to read the quest text.
Well that's not the most helpful suggestion after the fact but thanks for bumping the post Instictz.
10/17/2012 05:27 AMPosted by Mityaphrdite
Well that's not the most helpful suggestion after the fact but thanks for bumping the post Instictz.

at least you guys get a quest to reward 10 days of 20 days worth of work.

do i get a quest to return my epic crafted chest when im done with it?

granted, the quest could be made a little bit more obvious in what it does, but still.
Well if you are an enchanter then you do get to DE your chestpiece and every single item you have equipped when you are done with it, so I would say that would be a benefit for the enchanting profession. In addition if you were to DE any of those items accidentally you could have them restored with the restoration tool. Because mistakes do indeed happen.

This new quest does give back 10 scrolls for when you are done with the item. But it is slightly unreasonable to imagine I would craft it and then be done with it 5 minutes later. The item itself cannot be right clicked to equip it and instead opens a quest. Once the quest is accepted some people reported that the item cannot be equipped.

Unfortunately there are so many things that make questing easier on players that reading a quest is not always necessary. The Quest itself informs you to speak with the inkmaster. Many players did assume too much and did not read every line of the quest. Most of the assumption comes from previous quest experience that has never had an epic BOA consumed upon quest completion.

Not to mention that the Realm First Level 90 was rewarded a Feat of Strength achievement. It is reasonable to assume that those individuals barely read a single quest as they raced through the zones. Those players were indeed rewarded by blizzard and the game for their haste and the way quests are handled now required little to no reading of said quests to be completed.

So although stating that we should have read the quest is true and indeed it is my fault I did not read it. All of this could have been avoided by this particular quest offering some sort of safety catch. For instance a pop out box that would ask the player if they are sure they want to trade their staff for scrolls. Much like a player wanted to destroy an epic prompts a (DELETE) box in which you need to verify your decision.

Or possibly the quest being offered by the inkmaster himself to trade in your staff for scrolls, much like the other inscription quest asking you to complete a commissioned painting for him. Rather then the staff showing as a Quest item in your bag the way that the Darkmoon deck appears which upon completing the quest awards you the trinket and destroys/consumes the deck.
Has anyone successfully equipped the staff?

There are a couple of players in the forums saying their staff was restored and/or their mats were returned.

Why are the majority of us being told 'NO' the staff/mats will not be restored/returned?
I have been trying to get the inscription staff for the past three weeks. We saved up mats during that time and did our dailies every day. Today I received a quest and I'm very frustrated. I had expected to have the inscription staff and had emptied my inventory so I would have room to receive it. I would really like the staff and I'm getting very upset that it's not in my inventory. I've spent several hours tonight trying to resolve this issue.I went to WOW activity feed and it doesn't show I ever received it. I really feel misled and pretty irrate right now. I sent in a support ticket but it shows it may take 5 days before someone will respond. At this point if I have to go through all of this I'm not even sure I want to keep playing the game.
I feel for the people who've lost their staves this way. I myself have been making Scrolls of Wisdom for the past few weeks, and I'm pretty close to having 20. Creating this item is a monumental task and its destruction should not be taken lightly. If people are upset with this situation I suggest two things:

1. Submit a ticket, and hope for a resolution. If the first response is "No.", try again. Or

2. Cancel your game subscription. Money seems to means a lot more to Blizzard than player satisfaction.
10/17/2012 05:21 AMPosted by Instìnctz
Seems like people need to learn to read the quest text.

I did READ the quest text.

"As powerful it is, at some point you know you will outgrow this staff. When that time comes, one of the Inkmasters in the Arboretum would most likely be interested in taking it from you." HOWEVER, the phrase "When that time comes" can be misinterpreted -- meaning that you could bring it to them later (not as part of the current quest) which in my exhaustion, I did.

The phrasing was somewhat ambiguous. I interpreted the "At some point" and "When that time comes" as being at a later date and time and not part of the current quest. Why would they use that phrase if the quest was for destroying the staff upon completion? To me, it sounded as if there would be a separate quest I could get from an Inkmaster WHEN I was ready to destroy the staff.

Also, I've always been able to right-click an item to equip it. I was expecting the same thing with my newly created staff so when it didn't equip, I interpreted that as meaning I needed to complete the quest FIRST.
Has anyone actually gotten back the staff? I had heard some had gotten it back and some are still waiting to get an answer .

I'm had an open ticket since yestersday waiting for an answer. I think its ridiculous that it gets destroyed after the quest. Hope they answer me soon and give it back or I'm done with this game.
The same thing happened on my lvl 90 priest this morning. I made the last scroll i needed to make the staff and was so excited to craft it! I was able to equip the staff, but then later removed it and put it in my bags so i could accept the quest. I was so thrilled and was more than happy to accpet the quest not fully realizing that by completing the quest the staff would be destroyed in the process. I saw that that I would receive 10 more scrolls of wisdom for turning the quest in and didn't think anything of it. Imagine my horror when I realized the staff was actually destroyed. I was soo bummed out. Shame on me for not re-reading the quest I guess, but the last thing I would have expected was a quest specifically created to destroy a crafted piece of BOA gear. I plan on submitting a ticket as well. I will be anxious to read if many other players are having luck getting their staff retunred to them.
Still waiting on the in game ticket est 1d 19hrs, what irks me the most is that I did click to equip and read the quest that popped, immidiately thought darkmoon ! turn in since I have yet to see a quest in game that destroys an epic only MAKES them >.> "poof" gone with no prompt to confirm delete. Something is not right, they know it and it almost seems intentional on their part considering how many people fell for the trap, I just wish that it didn't happen on my birthday, what a waste :( everyone in the guild could see that I crafted it and ohhh GRATS, yea embarassing to say the least, I'm losing patience fast Blizz.
Yeah I finally waited for my ticket turn and I afk for freaking 10 mins and they said I needed to talk to them... I tried to reply after I got back within 10 min then my ticket was "answered" and now I have to sit at the back of the line again.... sigh....
Blizzard restored my faith in them and I'm getting the staff in the mail. D

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