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I'm glad to hear that Breathes /cheer

1 hour ago I had an answer to my second ticket 9 days and counting

Sorry to hear about this possible mix up with the Inscribed Crane Staff. This same thing has happened in my groups a few times and I know it can be aggravating. However I'm unable to swap items from boss loots. The reason for that is because the Inscribed Crane Staff is a quest related item. once turned in, it cannot be returned by any means. Most people to counter this problem are making it a point to keep the Staff instead of turning it in.

I'm just wondering why this GM thinks that I am asking about boss loots. I really don't think they are even reading these things not to mention "Keep the staff instead" as if that is not what I planned on doing. I am so frustrated at this point even playing is making me sick to my stomache.
I am heartened to hear that Breathes is getting her staff back, but concerned that Mityaphrdite appears to not be getting her staff back. And yes, I am another player that handed in the quest and lost my epic boa staff.

To me this is a quality of game play issue. First, nobody is happy when they spent about 20 days farming the mats needed to make the staff only to lose it when they handed in the quest that is attached to the item. Second, players accidentally vendoring, enchanting or deleting items obviously became a big quality of game play issue because Blizzard implimented a system that allowed for item restoration. Now what I don't understand is why there is a difference between items that are vendored, enchanted or deleted and those items turned in for a quest.

But perhaps this really doesn't matter because even if a GM is unable to restore my staff, I would hope they can restore the mats I used to make the staff.
I spoke with a GM regarding this. He gave me some advice about equiping the staff and stated that there may be issues with running addons. How it impacts this, I'm not sure, but I will trust him/her. Turn off all add-ons then folllow step Two. --> The second suggestion was to move both items(main-hand/off-hand) to your bags and drag the staff to equip it rather than just clicking it in your bag.

I hope this at least helps a few people, but I grow concerned for those who will not read this until it is too late.
I just did this same thing. Clicked on it and the quest popped up so i presume I take it to the guy like it says. Put in a ticket and really hope I get it back. They really need a "Warning: turning in this quest will destroy Inscribed Crane Staff."
My staff has finally been returned affter 12 days I got it back there were a lot of tickets I had to put in but it was restored just as I hoped it would be so please put in your tickets and if one is denied reopen it and hopefully you will have your answer and get your staff back. And Agreed I do hope they add something to this quest so it makes this a little more difficult given the number of players having this occur.
I did the exact same thing. Yes i should have read the quest text, but if a quest is going to destroy an item that you just 20 days on (17 for me i did 3 scroll quests) then when you go to turn in the quest another box should pop up and say something along the lines of "Turning in the quest will destroy you Inscribed Crane Staff, do you wish to continue?" And then if people say yes I will understand that blizz tried to warn us and it was our own stupidity. I just lost mine and have heard that the GM's are not restoring the item. I have logged on every day even the days that i am tired coming home from work just to make sure i make my scroll from insc. and my imperial silk from tailoring and i was super excited to get my staff today. Now i am just wanting to quit because all those days of work became useless in an instant.
I also lost my staff... I talked to a GM and they were told they can't NOT restore the item that we have to take it up with the DEV team BY the Dev team. I mean really.. WTH is wrong with Blizzard not thinking this through.

I want my damn staff back.. I don't want to have to farm up another set of scrolls just to make another one.. ONLY not being able to use it. I want the one I made first. Seriously....

Blizzard you really need to fix this ASAP! This kinda stuff is the most stupid thing you have yet to do! THere is alot of things I do NOT like to do and that is dailies for one. But i do them for a reason. I want my staff back and I will be putting in a ticket every time I don't get it till I do!
same thing happened to me as well... i am speechless

why would blizz design the quest this way?

if they are doing this to piss people off, they have been very successful. this is so painful and disheartening.
Exactly Breathes!!!!! WTH Blizzard!! I just spent 3 hours farming for the last few motes instead of waiting for my harvest tomorrow so I could get my staff a day early. I go to turn in my quest and I was actually thrilled when I thought that all my work was rewarded by 10 of my scrolls being given back to me!!! I went to put on my brand new EPIC staff and's not in my bag. I just spent 20 days gathering 20 scrolls and other crap to get back 10 scrolls. Really you really think we would be that hard up for scrolls that we would turn in an epic BoA item to get 10 damn scrolls!!!! When you try and throw some TRASH away out of your backpack a box comes up to make sure you want to throw it away but an EPIC staff goes away with a simple click of the mouse no questions asked!! GIVE ME MY STAFF BACK!!!!!!!!!!
Open up your ticket. It seems like most people that did are getting it back. Sorry to see more people get caught up in staff making frenzy :(
I too turned in my staff, I have a ticket open, and I have to say if I don't get my staff back I am going to be EXTREMELY upset, and might even consider not playing. It makes NO sense whatsoever for us to work so hard to get something and turn around and have it get taken, when most similar items you must turn in the quest in order to use the item. I mean come on Blizz i could have made a fortune by now off of the BOE fans if I hadn't been saving the scrolls for my staff. :(
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Well that's not the most helpful suggestion after the fact but thanks for bumping the post Instictz.

It's a pretty good suggestion, really.

"So I got a speeding ticket yesterday."
"I'm going to tell the judge that I won't pay."
"Because I didn't know what the speed limit was."
"Even though there are speed limit signs along the road?"
"Yeah, but why would I read them?"

Also, when people complain that GM ticket times are long, THIS is why. It's because people who can't be bothered to read quest text, or use the internet they are connected to to find a quest giver, etc, are filling the queue with their stupid, stupid questions.
They have implemented a quest addon into the game. People don't read quest text anymore and Blizz should have something in place warning that turning in will destroy the staff. As it has been said that warning pops up all the time for junk items but it's to much to have that for a epic BoA?
Also your speeding example isn't exactly similar. If the speeding sign had about 10 lines of words before the speeding limit was posted you wouldn't have time to read it. And the quest didn't state things as simple as "Turn in and you get 10 scrolls but it gets destroyed."
From what I've had experiance you have to get a lucky GM. Some are willing to actually give good support and be helpful while other use the stock "no we cant return quest items". As someone mentioned before keep making tickets and eventually a GM who actually cares about the customers will eventually help you out but it may take weeks at the rate tickets are resolved... Im still all for removal of this quest all together. if i make a BoA item i intend to at one point use it on an alt. Remove the quest or alter it to give some reward for finishing the staff without removing your staff would be such an easy fix.
Put my ticket in tues morning and just got it back now. Guess I got lucky with the GM who read my ticket. I lost my 10 scrolls that the quest gave me but I don't care about that part. Keep puting in a ticket if you didn't get it back and you should get it eventually.
Had this happen to me too. My own darn fault but I have a ticket in. I don't quit understand why a prompt box can't be put in as when you destroy a blue or epic to type "delete" etc when a crafted item would be destroyed. Yes, we should learn to read the quests but I crafted the staff on my mage and tried to send it to this toon (my shaman) only to have red text pop up saying "Can't do that at this time". It's a BOA so there's no reason I shouldn't be able to. I simply figured I would need to turn the quest in quick to get the staff and in my haste/excitement - did not fully read.

Have a ticket in and am patiently waiting. It's great though that blizz is has rethought policy and helping recover this item.
Add my name as well.

In the Tillers quest "Money Matters" you get a dialog box to confirm that you want to spend ONE(!) gold. But for this quest we only get a warning in the quest description and that is vague as hell.

NO WARNING!? No "Delete" confirmation box? Nothing to warn us that 20 days of work is now wasted? Really, Blizz?

Take this quest out, Blizz. This was not needed at all. Why this item and none of the archy items? Just, just... aaargh!

/end rant, start of drinking


/end Guinness


Need the info - What other quest(s) that involved weapons made the weapon itself the quest item and upon turning in the quest destroyed the usable weapon?

Has Blizz ever had this type of "quest" and/or feature implemented before? Really, looking for the info.

Okay, vendor items. Got it. But why not have made this a vendor item with the payment the 10 scrolls of wisdom? The NPC could have been coded to open up a vendor screen which would have made me say "Wait.... hold on here. Something is not right with this picture". Would have even allowed me to buy back the item by giving up the scrolls.

BOA item - Those require one to type "delete" in the pop up box... except for this one. And let's go back to the Tillers - My pally is max'd out with the Tillers and all the peeps. Occasionally when harvesting vegies a Marsh Lilly (just for an example) will drop. Not a BoA item. No gold value. But if I want to destroy it I must type "delete" in the pop up box. Nothing for the staff - No warning. No "Are you sure?". No "delete" pop up box.

Quest item is the staff itself. This was the wrong way to do it. Sure, most if not all quest items are handed over to the quest giver without so much as an "Excuse me while I rummage through your bags". This quest should have never been on the item itself. Make it a part of the NPC with a very clear description.

The quest itself. Much too early in the expac to have implemented it. It's not like the hard mode raiders would have ranted on about a "useless" staff taking up room in their bags. Okay, a few might have destroyed it and then been upset that later they could have gotten 10 scrolls. But there can't be that many people going around vendoring or destroying BoA items, especially weapons.

"L2Read" - As previously stated; The quest involves the item and most assumed that like every other weapon/gear quest the quest giver wants to reward you, not exchange it for mats. When new quest "types" are implemented they should be very clear with no ambiguity. If I had run across several quests with exactly the same outcome ("Give me that weapon, warlock, and have some mats") on my way through Panda land then I would have been adequately warned and been looking for it to happen again. Didn't happen before with a weapon that can be equipped so why should I think that it's going to happen this time?


First of it's kind quest with scant description and no pop up box asking you to type in "delete". Poorly implemented. Should be removed at earliest opportunity.
Same happened to me. My first ticket was closed by the GM after giving me a link to the WOWHEAD quest if. WTFF! Every other BoA requires "delete" typed and can by restored. Every other quest item weapon, does require a turn in to complete and receiver the "full" weapon.

They will restore this item or lose a customer. Also, if resore is not possible, why wouldn't they offer to give the user the mats back to craft another?

They have really dropped their level of quality in the CS and GM ranks. Should I have read the quest better.....absolutley. However, this game is filled with fixes and work around - as well as GM because us dumb users don't always do it right...

Dazouri/Weedhopper/Pissed of Customer

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