BC discoveries on Pandaria recipes?

I've nearly completed my Alchemy recipe book (barring a few removed recipes), but there are still two BC-era discoveries that have eluded me - Flask of Relentless Assault and Super Rejuvenation Potion. Has anyone learned any old recipes while crafting Pandaria potions/elixirs/flasks, or will I have to craft BC items to proc these?
I have only ever learned padaria recipes, while making pandaria items.

Then again, Its likely I already learned all of the other ones.
It would be nice if they upped the discovery rate for the BC discoveries. I have done I don't know how many BC and LK elixirs and flasks, and only ever gotten one (other than the transmutes, which came fine though I think somehow I'm still short one).
Please let me know if you ever managed to proc the BC recipes from Panda. I have made 1k Mantis without a single proc therefore I am thinking no.
i feel your pain, for the life of me i can't get my last few and have had no luck with MoP providing any discoveries, not that i've tried too hard.
I wish, I burned way more mats fishing for discoveries than it took to level alchemy, and still need 1 more from BC.
Requirements to make a discovery

You must be crafting a potion, elixir, flask or performing a transmutation that was added in TBC.
Requirements to make a discovery

You must be crafting a potion, elixir, flask or performing a transmutation that was added in TBC.

Insightful, though copied from a Wowhead post dated to patch 2.3.3 (i.e., during TBC). Other resources have stated "Burning Crusade or higher" crafting could proc a BC discovery.

And so far, no luck on getting those last two discoveries from Panda crafting.
Bump for other people's results.

I would like to add that I made another 1000 panda with no discovery. Then made 1000 Cata and made 2 discoveries.

Still wondering if anyone has gotten a discovery off of Panda mats?
nada here, i think you may be best just going back to lk/bc and farming, be less competition and at least you KNOW you'll have a chance at discoveries.
I think i'm gonna start doing that myself, take 1hr every few days and hope for the best.
Good luck!
I am nearly certain that discoveries are only procced by same-expansion recipes.
@Ersiusp: If you see my above, I made 2 of the BC discoveries from Cata mats, so no, it does not have to be the same expansion. The question this thread is trying to answer is if you can get BC discoveries from Panda mats, which no one seems to have done...ever.

Has someone discovered any of the BC discoveries from Panda mats? Anyone?
I think I read somewhere than in 5.2 you can discover old expansion recipes by creating the new MOP ones.

Until then you can only proc them by making something from the expansion they are from.
funny thing, I learned Super Rejuvenation Potion just five minutes ago on my lock while doing some cata potions

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