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For me, the heart of WoW is raiding. Just before MoP hit I rezzed my account, along with a friend's, and transferred to a small but progressed realm to look for a raid guild. The only problem is, I've had crap luck finding them.

I started in a casual/levelling guild but transfered to a raiding guild before MoP came out. The new guild seemed good at first. They said they were aiming for top 5 server, and demanded perfect attendance, gems, enchants. I was really excited about this! But it turns out they were botters, ninjas, etc. -- hardcore in the worst way, but nowhere near as demanding as good performance as they made themselves out to be (they're currently 2/6 normals). I quit because I had no respect for my guildmates.

And now, I'm in a new guild full of great people! Who recruited saying they were planning on doing regular and hard mode progression. I ran some dungeons with them and they seemed like skilled players. But they haven't attempted MSV yet, not even in raid finder. They don't have a raid schedule, they don't have a roster or solid recruitment plans, nobody's gemmed/enchanted, and most members aren't even fully heroic geared -- and it seems like getting people up to speed isn't a big priority. I feel lied to.

I haven't felt happy with any guild I've been in, but at the same time I don't know if I'm good enough to be in a competent raiding guild. I would be PUGging but there are barely any PUGs on this server. I considered transferring but my friend was against it.

Going through 4 guilds in barely more than a month would probably be pretty bad for my server reputation, but on the other hand, I'm really not having fun. Do you think it's a good idea to stay and try to help this guild whip itself into shape? Or is changing guilds a good idea despite the stigma?
Well, staying where you're unhappy is a bit of a waste of time in a game you're paying for.

That said, you should talk to them and see what's going on, let them know you'd like to get started on the raids. You owe it to them at least to have a chance to fix the problem before you walk away.

Guildhopping is something I tend to think of the more hardcore raiders doing (or at least those who think they are). Personally I find it distasteful just for the sake of being a week or two ahead of where you currently are. Switching guilds because you're not able to do what you want to do to enjoy the game is entirely different, though.
Find a guild that fits your requirements, if you don't want to leave maybe ask the Guild leader about his plans for raiding leave if they don't fit in with what you want to do, I'm sure the leader will understand .
I agree with Alelsa, Talk to them, the GM, or the raid leader (if they have one, sounds like the currently don't though) and see what's going on. If it's anything like my guild, we're just enjoying the MoP content for a while before we buckle down and settle back in to raiding.
If you're in a guild, with people that you like, I'd suggest you take some initiative. If there are people there you like, I'd think you'd want to try to make things work with them, before guild hopping. It could be that people are enjoying the new content, and grinding out rep, rather than getting ready to raid.

You want to raid? Talk to the GM, and start organizing raids with the people you get along with. If they're not geared for raids yet, start smaller, and organize guild dungeon groups, and run those until everyone is geared and ready to go. Running a bunch of dungeons together will also give you the added benefit of seeing which people have a playstyle that is compatible with your own, which people are the best dps/tank/healers, and which people just aren't ever going to be good raiders.

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