How do I get this quest back?

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Hi Guys,

I was doing quest Breaking the Emperor's Shield but it bugged out on me.

I dropped quest but I do not know how to get this back.

Anyone know hot to get this quest line back?

According to wowhead, go see the " Image of Lorewalker Cho" located at 53, 51.2
It looks like you need to talk to the image of Lorewalker Cho. You probably need to use The Tongue of Ba-Shon which is probably in your bags.
Click on the Tongue of Ba-Shon?
Item has dissappeared when I dropped the quest.
From wowhead comments on the Tongue of Ba-Shon:

If you lose this item (by dropping a quest you didn't mean to drop, for example) you can get it back by talking to Mishi at the entrance to the Valley of Emperors, where she dropped you off.

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