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now I see where your slayersmma name comes from :>

ps go to bed
11/30/2012 10:54 AMPosted by Adiyosocute
Well bomber is !@#$ing sick. MMA will be in his prime soon though no worries. I have MMA training his %^-*ing balls off with Cella coaching the !@#$ out of Bly, Scarlett and Nerchio.

I couldn't believe it when Acer picked up MMA and Cella. I expected TL or EG to get one or both of them. Sad to see Slayers disband, though. I didn't fully read what happened but it was Jessica's fault, right? Her and MMA had a fight or some sht..? Idk. MMA will be back in action, soon. Best person to play sc2, won like 3 GSL's lol Hope to see him back in big tourneys again

If you want to talk to MMA, hit me up on skype. I didn't lie when I said I was part of Acer ;p
I can't watch anything nor even raid because my internet is being poop :<.

GM missed out of his own guild's Sha of Fear kill for being terrible at internet.
I like how y'all decide to stop being sht once I quit raiding
Maybe you shouldn't have quit and we could stop being !@#$ together.
Less PvP baddies crying, more discussing the best guild on Darkspear for best friends
Mighty white of you
12/03/2012 04:36 AMPosted by Adiyosocute
going up!

Not this guild
Def updated.
lordy shawty u a 10 and i wait for ur drunk dials at 3:30 am, i love them
I love lamp.
Vitaminwater #1
Updated again with H Elegon 25

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