SoR not giving me the 7 days of gametime?

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I just got resurrected from the Scrolls of Resurrection program from a friend, i went through all the steps and accepted it, but when i try to log on it gives me this. "you have used your prepaid time for this account. Please visit ( to purchase more to continue playing." Do i have to wait a little bit for it to successfully go through or did it just not work?
I see you have multiple WoW accounts on your account. Did you get a SoR to the correct account, or are you logging into the correct account that has been SoR'd?
Oh crap, i accidentaly accepted the ressurection on my bum account i dont use, is it posible to switch it to my current one i would actually use>
I wouldn't be able to switch it, but you may be able to send another one. You may have to wait until tomorrow if you have used yours for today.

There is a limit of one Scroll of Resurrection invitation per day per World of Warcraft license on both the web and in-game, so you may send a total of two per day using both options. There is no limit on the number of lifetime Scroll of Resurrection invitations that a license can send.

You can always put in a ticket to our Billing support team and they might be able to look and see what they can do.
thanks for the help

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