Best mage names out there.

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Hrmm, I know mine is not that great. I just wish I could conjure beer as well as I can everything else.

I started a mage alt yesterday, his name is Thörkell. If anyone has read the book "Epic", they will understand. If not, it's just a sick name for a spellcaster in general. Also, Zelfarious is a pretty good one, thats the name of my hunter.
I like being small.
I personally find my name to be the best

*if anyone here read's the wheel of time series my name is same as the mistress of the halls*
I am not a mage, but I am still proud of mine.
<-- Winner
does thou even lift
It's easy.
Sup all, :p
10/16/2012 02:13 AMPosted by Pajamatime

I lol'd
FF9 reference.
Private Partz at your service =P
01/13/2013 02:19 PMPosted by Paydin
If anyone has read the book "Epic", they will understand.

Hahaha I've read it ;)

At this point, it's just my name. Couldn't imagine a different one.
<-how about a table. drop a table. give me some biscuts. Wis please. can i get a port
thus my name

Might be a winner. Although I'll admit that we're 4 pages into the thread and we haven't seen a Human Male named Elminster yet. Also I tend to get compliments for my name from people in LFG.
11/25/2012 12:46 AMPosted by Hate
I love you all

Want your name...
<----- Wish I could have the last name "Board"


Rock on Mages!

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