Pally Hand of Freedom problems

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Ok so before i report a bug on this I wanted to see if anyone else has been having the same problem. My Pally is lvl 88 at the moment, but even ever since this new change has come about ive been running around doing my quest and have noticed that when i get slowed or inflicted with a "movment imparing" debuff my Hand of Freedom and Emancipate spells do not release me from the deuff. They spend the mana, but im still reduced in movement speed. I do remember that before the change when i used Hand of Freedom, especially in battle grounds (the best place to use it), it would take away the movement reduction. Does anyone know if its been changed to just release you from debuffs that "root" you or is it supose to actually remove slowing effects like it use to? And its not just a sometimes it works kind of hasnt worked since ive loaded the Mist of Pandaria patch.

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