Best Priest Names

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i wanna play a priest but i cant think of any names.HELP!!
I had the same problem. Blizz patch name generator please.

I am the note taker!

What sort of name are you after? Serious/roleplay, punny, themed?
mine is called Glittery.


Really, Lighters? 5 month old necro, and your name isn't even that great. :/
Judas (for you classic rock fans)

That's all i got off the top of my head
<--- Shadow
I like to think my name is pretty cool. Its biblical, meaning "Nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord." Fitting for a Disc priest imo. Other priest name i like is Dalai.
Holmes if you are a football fan.

But I like my name.
They made me change "sukamydisc" .
Women of light (roughly) in Tolkien's Quenya language.
<-------------------- Right here
<----------------------- or here
Mine really just plays off of gender and race :(
Mine really just plays off of gender and race :(

That's cool though! I prefer that over some of the other names and types of names that could be chosen.


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