Best Priest Names

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<--------Best name ive came up wit yet
<----- Shadow, obviously
I once saw Moocifer the tauren spriest. It was the best thing ever.

My name doesn't have much to offer. :/
When in doubt, go Nixxe. Seems rather popular. >_>
I had a friend who named his forsaken Holybones.
I know this isn't really a priesty name but Mayor is pretty cool
Mine was Lickmydisco till i got reported :(
Discord.. human priest, black short haircut & goatee. Robes transmogged to something black & purple. staff transmogged to a staff with skull at the end. Walk around with /pvp flagged all the time. Helm/cap turned off.
Mythological Norse figure who decides which soldiers die in battle and which live.

My priest's name was Priestlybone as an undead.
My priest's name was initially Fathernelson, named for the joke.

I moved him to a new server and chose Tachycardia because shadow loves haste.
And perhaps to occasionally ask if I got someone's heart pumping in the event of a trade fight.
I always wanted to name my priest "Vigo the Carpathian or Zul of Gozer, the game won't let me :(
Morphyne... Yeah that'd be sick
Judas (for you classic rock fans)

That's all i got off the top of my head

if u r refering to Judas Priest being "classic" rock.......please dont

also, if u r gonna pick a name referring to the class/spec u play..please dont ur better going for something original....dont use any ALT codes to spell like "priest" or "Holy" or something of that nature...but then again it is ur money not ours ur spending each month so it is all up 2 u xD GL
You can guess what I was reading when I made this priest.
<--- Dragonlance anyone?
Play on words with penance.


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