Best Priest Names

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A good Priest name should have a nice duality to it. I was Apology for the longest time until I transferred to a more populated server (and switched factions) for a friend and lost it. My biggest regret! This one sounds like a medic but is actually a name for a mediator between two sides. Thanks, Virgin Mary! Kisses!

Names that are sentences or phrases are the worst, don't do that.

Also I've never seen a decent priest with any variation of the word "Heal" or "Priest" in their name.

I think names with excessive (as in, more than one) alt text are annoying too.
This is like the thread that never dies.
Priest names what? I has a name!
This is like the thread that never dies.

every few weeks pple fall right into the same thread lol....its like crack ...first one is free then they got u for life
Jesus. Bestest name ever...
My name...
Pwswag is winning it for me.
The best name is the one you think of yourself and are content with.
My name is after the little mermaid, so I win.
Wololo for those classic AoE gamers out there. ^_^
Drisin (doctor is in)
The one and only...
<........and mine
<--- Yeah....

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