Best Priest Names

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Praystation. ^^
<----- what can I say.... I really like healing..... like.... a lot >.<
I can't believe nobody posted this <<<<

+ my name is on the tier 15 set

if you could make a shortened version of Sectualharrasment that is understandable for a pandaren that would win some internets.
<-- my name

Bless (goes good with tittles..."Bless the Patient, Bless the Light of Dawn" etc)


Ensolleil (sun filled, good for druids also)

it is hard to ckm up with names suited to both healing and shadow.

Onhiel (destruction)


Praystation. ^^

<- /flex
I like Gehena for a spreist.
need i say more
I like mine :3

Origin:Norse- Meaning:Defence, protection
Origin: Norwegian- Meaning:Life
Human male priest -> Ilikeboys

I'm the doctor. :3
There used to be a lot of Priestitutes in wrath but I haven't seen very many recently.
iv got the best one in Juddus priest
Megalomaniac is the best name.

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