<Apothecary> has core RBG spots to fill!!

<Apothecary> is a level 25 guild which is involved in both PvP & PvE content. We are currently are in need of a few classes to fill out our Core RBG Group.

Classes Needed: FC ( Warrior or Monk ) Warlock, BM Hunter, Hpally.
Requirements: Minimum of 2k+ arena/RBG Exp. (YES! on that toon, not your 'sold' account)
Our run times are: 6:30p.m - 10:00 p.m. Server Time ( Mountain Time, ofc! ) and 6:30p.m. - 12 a.m. (+ / _ ) & yes once again, Server time!

RBG's are lead by : Groviglio & Lithane.

Applications can be filled out at: apothecarydarkspear.guildlaunch.com!

We look forward to hearing from you & adding you to our team!
We are also recruiting for our Core Raid Team!

Currently in need of 1 Healer and 4 DPS, to see detailed information please visit our website!


If interested in being a member please apply! we have officers on at all times of the day and applications will be checked within an hour of two of applying!

Like RBG's? come be a part of our team lead by current officers in the well known guild on illidan, Skill Capped!

Would you like to progress through rating and raid to be possibly one of the best there is? then come and join us there's a spot for every good player >.o!

Dont meet the requirements to be in the guilds top RBG group? No problem! we have lower rating groups forming as well!

See site for further details! we hope to see you soon!
Do you guys have secondary RBG teams set up to get peoples CR up? I have 1794 exp in RBG's but looking to get over 2k this season. Wondering if your a good guild for RBG progression.
im 2.1k exp arena. I'll try to lvl my lock.
We are currently looking for a dedicated leader to run lower groups, once there is a dedicated leader there should be no problem filling the lower group within guild.
Hey there,
Lower rated rbg'er here looking for a group that runs consistently
My irl friend and I sever transferred here a couple of days ago
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/darkspear/Mjd/advanced he is a prot/arms war and i am a shadow/disc priest

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