Gigabyte OC Guru causes launcher crashes

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Just a quick heads up to anyone having launcher crashes with a Gigabyte video card. Couldn't get the Diablo 3 or WoW launcher to run at all.Directly running the wow.exe works fine but without the patcher you're stuck. Went so far as to delete everything and start a fresh install and the installer launcher crashed.So I started turning off startup programs one by one to see if another service was interfering.As soon as the Gigabyte OC Guru was removed everything worked perfectly.
Oh. I would have never guessed. Thanks for the heads up!
I can confirm this on my machine as well.
Wow Conal - nice grab. Confirmed (OC Guru 2) crashes D3 and WoW launchers (same program and/or core APIs for the most part, different skins). I'm running GB's 670. Just turn off and deselect it from our start up (run -> type "msconfig" -> Startup tab -> uncheck box for "OC_GURU" or equivalent). Enjoy!
CONFIRMED - I just went thru the same process in finding my launcher issues and took the same steps in removing startup one by one. I found the same exact success upon removing the Gigabyte OC Guru service. I had looked for issues prior to this and did not see this thread until I specifically searched for the OC Guru and World of Warcraft. Nonetheless, I am glad to have found the issue and hope others do as well.

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