Pally solo Kael Thas at 90 tips?Farming Ashes

I'm about to ding 90 was wondering if anyone has a strat for tempest keep encounter. There are YouTube vids at 85 in which you kill the councellors all over the place, is therea better strat at 90? Spec? Gear? Etc.
You hit significantly harder, so it shouldn't be an issue at all.
I did this yesterday, but i was farming the sword, it didnt drop... but there was absolutely no issue at all as ret, and I couldnt get through phase 2 as ret in cata!

I believe the chance on ashes has been significantly reduced when it became possible to solo it? but i could be way off! gl
I haven't tried at lvl 90, but I am guessing it is really easy now, considering that it was possible at 85

You can probably 2 shot (or 1 shot if lucky) advisers at this point, so I don't think it will be a problem anymore. I used to burn them before mop, it should work even better now. Then just dps Kael and good luck!
BC raids are as much a joke as Vanilla raids were last expansion.

Sword, meet Kael's kidney.
I soloed him today, much easier at 90.

I didnt bother spreading the council out, i just killed them in each corner of the room.

When all 4 spawn, kill girl first, then telonicus (gives that 60 second debuff) other 2 order doesnt matter.

dont use guardian w. kael up, you might get mc and reset it.

Stay out of tendrils and there is no way kael will kill you.

Kinda sad its so easy now, i wiped probably 20x mastering my technique for killing him at 85... haha

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