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What are the best economy realms with a decent ratio horde to alliance, asking because for one I have never changed realm since starting my main, other than a few low levels, and maybe some less boring realms? I'm not the best at making gold but maybe a better economy might help. Oh and very much preferably PVE not a fan of getting ganked when I just want to have a casual play. This will be the same for my partner as well as there is nothing really keeping us in Dath. Since it is fairly pricey for me to do this, it will most likely be permanent for quite some time.
I was thinking of going to Saurfang personally. Hear thats alot more balanced faction wise.
Well an overall decent PvE realm, either Khaz or Saurfang
Any reason why Nagrand isn't mentioned? I recently rolled a toon there but of course haven't experienced much of it economy wise. I think the Alliance population is slightly higher than Horde. If I hadn't last minute gone Nagrand I'd have moved to Saurfang. Still might go there.

I do suggest though that you stay away from Caelestrasz.
You're not making money on Dath? Seriously?

I make a *^&#$)%@ of gold on both Ally and Horde (Horde is seriously easier) on Dath and it's with little effort. On Ally I have 3 85's an 2 Bank Guilds. On Horde I have a one man band (85 with an attached Bank Guild).

If you're moving due to a perceived lack of ability to make money, you need to look at what you're doing (or not doing) first. Changing servers, regardless of their economy, won't magic gold into your bank if you're not willing to work for it.
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Any reason why Nagrand isn't mentioned?

From my understanding Nagrand is alot like Dath'Remar and better if you play Alliance. Same with Aman'Thul.
I don't need to be rich, buts just have things actually sell...i got a ##$load of ghost iron and prospected and nearly none of it sells. I'm at 9 k and it's the highest I've been, I don't expect gold to come straight in from a change, just have things actually sell. If it simply requires days of farming ore than I'm happy to make no gold. I'd assume gold cap being 1 million (?) I'd at least be able to do some more than I am.
Yea nah the end game market is pretty well covered now. I make more gold selling cata and wrath goods. Dath horde was better awhile back when everything was in demand.
Ghost Ore and anything end game is a waste of time, for the most part. The exception seems to be herbs atm with a flood of lazy scribes all trying to crank out cards for the raiding market. Herbs on Ally are averaging 5g a piece.

Food seems to be doing not bad with most pieces averaging around 10g a piece. I suspect the height of these prices comes from the apparent 'complexity' of farming/cooking with many people chucking it in the 'too hard' basket.

Tbh, I make most of my cash through transmogs atm. I've learnt it's not worth selling every flipping thing for 500g because it looks pretty but there are several sets which are in consistent demand and turn a tidy profit. Running level 30/40 dungeons is a goldmine of transmog material.

On the Horde side, pets, mounts and vanity items sell at a premium. For example, I shifted some event mounts and pets across from Ally where the market is flooded full of fools. I also moved across some Haunted Momentos, Ruby Shades etc. It's not that it doesn't sell on Ally, it's just there's increased competition and increased idiots who, instead of playing the market will undercut by half instead of 1% etc. The items happily sell for double the price and in half the time on Horde. Conversely, I grab cheap stuff on Horde and rip off Ally. If you and your partner are running on separate accounts, this is something you might want to consider.

I'm a lot lazier than I used to be. But, if I had to crank gold atm I'd look at:

Herbs inc Golden Lotus
Leather (esp Pristine - not sure what the pricing is atm)
PvP blues (people desp to reach Heroic and LFR caps)
Food - L2Farm (Farming SoH is amazing *squee*)
Transmogs - wowhead has an excellent guide you can scroll through every known set and look at what really stands out as a wow set and what can be de fodder. There's usually a lack of good plate transmogs.

Stuff to bide your time on:

Pets - it's not that you can't make money with pets atm (I'm still selling some for very good gold) but you have to be in this for the long haul. There is a glut atm due to battle pets and the level 10 restrictions. Unstable time for sellers.

I see you've got maxed JC and mine. Not sure what your partner has but you should be pimping yourselves on trade. Make a sexy macro :)

If you really get bored, suss out the ol' Undermine Journal for some light reading:

If that excites you...then head to Phat Lewts and an excellent story on SoH farming:

I'm not saying don't move servers. If there's more giving you the irrits than just the AH, then by all means, you've got to do what's best for you. But if it's just gold - that's fixable :)
Im up to about 20k now spent a couple getting my chanter to max and a bit of inscription. Only thing I can think of now is trying panthers which will cost a lot in living steel..Tried trade and LFW but no one wants cuts. Need me those primals.
Panthers atm on Ally side are selling for around 24k - so always work back on your mats to work out your profits. Sometimes, it's not worth it. There are good addons which calculate the profits of mats vs the end product.

It might also be worth checking out the PTR notes. I did note some currency conversion changes (to do with lesser coins of good fortune) but I havent really read into much else. If you can see a change coming and prepare for it, you can pounce once the patch goes live.

SoH's are bottoming out atm - Ally is seeing Golden Lotus sell for 100-150g meaning a SoH is worth about 300-450g. You can easily farm (literally) 1.25 (from my poor maths, maybe it's 1.5) SoH's a day via your farm at Halfhill.

Good to hear your reserves have increased. Hope it's made life a little more comfortable :)
i know this is a late reply on this topic?
but what is a good realm for both PVE and PVP with a good ratio for horde and alli?
preferably in an oceanic realm list. but not needed.
I have 200k gold

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