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Honestly, they just need to send heirlooms to every new character just like they do with pets.
honestly i think the only reason there should be a mailbox is so you can clear the present mail to delete a toon
11/19/2012 04:41 PMPosted by Babyrain
honestly i think the only reason there should be a mailbox is so you can clear the present mail to delete a toon

I whole heartedly agree with this.
i think they should only be able to transfer heirlooms at least because i get a few automatic pets and mounts when i start a toon, but now i want to delete this panda and make a new one. Since there are no mailboxes i am not allowed to delete this character until i waste my time getting it to lvl 12. If they added heirloom only mail it wouldnt change the systen because you can send those across factions anyway. Finnaly plz do not try to make the argument that you cant send it because they are on a wandering turtle. In a game where we can summon the undead, shoot fireballs, and i can even send a horse instantly to the other side of the world. Im pretty sure i can send mail to a wandering giant turtle.
It's 12 levels. You don't need heirlooms. You can do it without heirlooms in one sitting.
On top of all the other reasons mentiioned above...

Wandering Isle is "instanced" much the same way the Goblin and Draenai areas are -- they're a one-way journey. Once you leave there's no way back... so the mailman can't get there from here.
To make a long story short, the mailbox would take a crapton of extra code for it. There can't be a possibility of sending tons and tons of gear across factions without the use of the neutral AH.

So at this time, there is no mailbox. It *could* happen in the future, so don't give up hope.
11/11/2012 05:23 PMPosted by Aleistercrow
The mailboxes were on the isle in the beta for a while, I mailed my heirlooms to my panda the same day they removed them, because they didn't want people lvling to quickly.... If they were worried about items being transferred they could make the mailboxes(on the isle) only receive heirlooms, kinda like how I can send heirlooms to my horde alt but not gold or anything else...

Already stated during beta that the mail system is too convoluted in the original code that tampering with it would cause more problems then they could easily deal with. Their idea will be a way to use heirlooms kinda like pets, but are still trying to figure this out. The benefit of this new system would be cross server use as well.
My only problem is you can't delete a panda if their on the Isle because of mail being in their inbox. Damn anniversary item...
with no mail box how the heck do i remove my mail from that toon to delete it? i dont want to play it till levil 12 i just want it gone.
Faction is a flawed excuse because an ally toon can mail an heirloom to a horde toon and vice versa. Lore is a flawed excuse because the mail system in general doesn't hold up to logic. "I mail an item from Dalaran and it shows up in Desolace instantaneously." Some people spend a lot of time and effort amassing heirlooms and there's no reasonable explanation for not being able to use them if you select panda as a starting race.

For a more pragmatic reason, how about so people can choose to delete their characters when they receive mail, like during the anniversary. Back before mounts and pets were account wide, I had to put in a few tickets to have chars deleted because of that and even had one GM accuse me of asking him to do something that could get him fired.
Seems like a flaw here if you want to DELETE the toon...
Ditto here on the delete toon issue. I've got a useless panda toon I don't want and can't delete. And, since I can't delete, I can't remake a new panda with the same name. Great foresight there Blizz.
We shouldn't get mailboxes on the Wandering Isle but there needs to be a way to delete a panda who has wow send mail.

Maybe the easiest would be "You have mail on this character. Would you still like to delete. Type name to proceed." But I have no idea about gamecoding. Wow could also stop sending mail to pandas on the Isle but that wouldn't help OP.
And when they send a mail item to all your characters, you can't delete your panda and start over until you can get to a mail box to remove it
I made a Pandaren, Didn't like him (the way I made him look), wanted to delete him. He has the WOW Anniversary tabard in his mailbox, I can not delete this character unless I play him to lvl 12... that is lame. Maybe I can call them and have them delete him for me ... but it is inconvenient.
Man, I would hate to be the postman who gets the wandering turtle island route.
It would be nice to be able to read and delete any mail we might have received, but not be able to receive mail from other players or alts or send mail to anyone. Since we have not chosen a faction it's not feasible to receive things from others. But, to have the ability to read what is already there, as in from Blizzard since that is the only one who can send mail to us on The Wandering Isle anyway, would be very nice.

That way we could read it, then keep it or delete it as we wished.
I'm frustrated right now.

I made a toon to try out dual wielding with a panda (to see how it looked) and now I want to delete it. I can't because I have heirloom items in my mailbox. Now this foolish thing is taking up my 10th character slot and I can't get rid of it unless I spend my time leveling to get off the island.

Please either make a mailbox on this island or allow us to delete pandaren characters on the island despite having heirlooms in the mail.

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