Where do YOU notice Holy's lack of AoE?

The real question is, why doesn't Ret get consecration anymore? Why did that need to be removed from the ret toolkit?
No. The real question is why are people responding to a thread from last October?
Never really saw the need in an AoE for Holy Paladins. Even leveling up, I never felt a requirement for an AoE in my toolkit.

But I guess if I had to have one, maybe having a kind of "Daybreak" passive that procs on Holy Shock as it does for healing, but for damage. Tie it with the Holy Shock glyph that turns it into a damage spell rather than a healing spell. Then have a glyph that turns Light of Dawn into an AoE damage spell similar to Glyph of Harsh Words and have it proc the next Holy Shock's Daybreak.
Anywhere in PvP. Holy is forced to do single target heal for any fight and then oom themselves 20 seconds later.
10/17/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Khalad
You are a healing spec. You do not need AoE DAMAGE.

Most healing specs have some form of aoe or multi target damage by the 40s. Priests (including shadow priests, IIRC) don't get one until after 70 and paladins don't get one at all except for level 90 talents. How does this make sense?

And as several other people have pointed out on this thread already, MoP has a LOT more situations where a soloer needs to aoe. Even some daily quests are aoe dependent (at least by then you'd have the talents, I guess).

I believe Blizzard has stated in the past that they want all specs to be able to solo leveling/questing content. Maybe they ought to live up to that statement.

It wouldn't be hard either -- a weaker version of consecration or holy wrath would probably be enough.
No. The real question is why are people responding to a thread from last October?

Because the issue is still relevant to anyone who dares to solo as Holy? Why should one spec out of 34 be punished for trying to solo aoe-dependent content when even other healers can complete it with no problems? (In fact, the only other spec that is as bad at soloing a bunch of low HP mobs is... enhance, which actually IS a dps spec, but has screwed up aoe mechanics that won't work without at least one higher HP mob to use as the main target. But even then, they can hardcast Chain Lightning.)

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