I can't figure out how to level pets fast.

Pet Battles
Like the title says. Just can't figure it out.

I wanna level fast so I can capture some of the cloud serpent hatchlings.
The best way that I have found is to just grind pets 1-2 lvls lower than yours. If they are the same level or higher, the fights take a while, you need to switch a lot, and your pets are likely to die.

You don't want the lvls to be too far below your own or you won't get much exp, but you don't want battles to last longer than a few minutes either.
Incendium gave good advice. Particularly of note is battling with pets below the wild pet's level bracket, as lower-level pets against higher-level pets seem to get a "difficulty" bonus of sorts to their XP gain. Make sure to level one pet a little higher than the current level bracket, and use that as your main battle pet. Start fights with the lower-level pet, get a hit in (don't worry if it misses, just make sure you cast something before swapping out), then swap to that higher-level and go to town. The difficulty bonus will rapidly boost the XP gain for the lower-level pet.

When it hits the same level bracket, or higher, go on to the next level bracket/zone, and repeat.

Additionally... from what I hear, you're going to need to make certain you finish out the grind to exalted (if you haven't already) before you can get the hatchlings spawning as wild pets.
kind of hard to answer since 'fast' is a subjective measure... how fast do you expect to be able to level pets...?

i have a half dozen level 23 battle pets... obviously i did this in less than 3 weeks.... if this happens too fast then it doesn't have any worth...

but here is a trick... i use three teams of the same highest level i'm working on.... all three teams averaging about a level or two higher than the prey... for example, to fashion teams to battle in a zone with level 8's i might make them composed of a level 8, 9, 10... and make three such separate teams with NO SHARED pets...

now... rotate these teams in a cycle for sequential battles... when you wrap back to the first one in the rotation... heal them all... this results in almost ZERO down time... and it has the benefit of getting familiar with 9 pets all advancing at your highest level simultaneously!

now... note that a team two levels higher than the prey team will almost always win with NO pet deaths (wild fights)... so all pets get experience if you make sure they all participate in each battle.... and this raises the front teams to the next level while you are also capturing NEW teams which are two levels lower! i personally try to hold out for all rares... :)

so for example, say you start out with three teams of level 5 (simple and fast to create)... use these to create new level 3 teams while promoting themselves to level 6+... thus, when your three highest level front teams get to a level they will have left behind a wake of teams at all other levels lower... with no down time!

if you only used one team, the pets would die a lot more from not being at full health from previous battles without healing... resulting in less experience... or one would have to wait 8 minutes between battles... this fills in the waiting with other teams battling to get max experience for each battle...

note that if you still find yourself not having the pet healing reset before doing battle with all three teams... use FOUR teams in the cycle!
The pet tamer quests and dailies give a lot of experience but are tougher than normal wild pets so you may have to be a couple levels higher or have a team with counters that do 50% more damage to them.
I had seen in the Wowhead comments that you could battle the tamers more than once, but was never able to get a dialogue option to do that.

So you can only fight those tamers once, until you open up dailies and such right?
They fixed it to where you can no longer battle the tamers more then once when questing. Once a day only if you have the dailies unlocked.

I level my pets on the 24/24/24 groups to get the most exp. It seems like a waste of time to travel to the different trainers around the world to get xp when you can battle the wild ones over and over without traveling barely at all and with out having to change your setup.

Get the pet your leveling to a high enough health so they don't get one shot in Pandaria. Then put them first and make them complete one action against the wilds. after that kill them with your other high level pets and if you can swing it so they die and your leveling pet gets the last hit then loads of xp you will be getting.

Back before I had my 25's I would capture a ton of greens and suicide them and dump the xp onto my rares. Never alowing the greens to get xp then just capturing more greens when I got higher level rares.
Well, if you're only looking to build up one pet (and you have a pair of 24s or 25s), just put the lower lvl pet in the first slot. Let it battle for one turn, then switch out for your lvl 25 pet for the rest of the battle. I do this versus lvl 20-24 pets and my lowbie will get 300-450 xp per battle from it. As long as the lowbie can survive one hit, it works fairly well.
You can capture cloud serpent hatchlings? i am not sure of this i believe there are no cloud serpent hatchlings for to pet battle or capture :(
Always fight near a Stable master. Fight, revive, fight, revive
10/17/2012 02:20 AMPosted by Elendïl
You can capture cloud serpent hatchlings? i am not sure of this i believe there are no cloud serpent hatchlings for to pet battle or capture :(

Yes in fact you can. You do however have to be Exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent faction in Jade Forest, of which you can start the dailies at level 90 at the Arboretum. Once you are exalted, your map will start showing the cloud serpent hatchlings around Arboretum and on Windward Isle (or whatever the daily island off the east coast is called) that can be tamed.
Only reason you do not see them now is because you are (apparently) not exalted. Once you do reach exalted, they do show up.

Check your pet journal if you have doubts. They are listed, and do say how you can obtain them. You can also question one of the NPC's at Arboretum to ask about battling with the cloud serpent hatchlings.
Typically, when starting out you want to level a single pet to level 25 as quickly as possible, and ideally one that can solo trios of wild pets between 20 and 24 by itself, preferably from as early on as possible. So you're probably looking for something with at least one heal. Dunno what you have access to, but my first pet to 25 was Sinister Squashling (planted is a great heal), then my next 3 were Hopling (humanoid - so it effectively heals each turn on account of its family ability), Spawn of Onyxia (that dragon heal it has is very potent) and Toothy (consume is an aggressive heal on a short CD; devour heals for a *lot*).

If you don't have anything decent already in your arsenal (I've heard good things about Magical Crawdad, but many other crustaceans have similar move sets), then I'd recommend going with a Spider. You can find them at low levels, they have a heal that has good synergy with their second ability (webbing), and are a beast so get bonus damage vs critters. Also, make sure you have an addon or macro for telling the quality of wild pets - you really only want to battle with rares where you can help it (and you can usually always help it).

After that, grind the heck out of that first pet, doing tamers whenever it's strong enough to pretty much solo them. Tamers offer more xp than wild pets, and generally it's the fastest way to level that first pet. Once it starts getting close to lv 20 you want to find some wild pets in Northrend+ zones that you're comfortable levelling on, preferably close to a stable master, and then just do that non-stop until 25 (given that it's likely your only high level pet, you'll only want to start when you can comfortably do a battle without your pet dying - if you can't, go for more tamers or lower level groups of pets).

Once you have that first 25, that's when things get a lot easier. With any new pets, you put them in the lead, and have them perform an ability in the first round. After that, assuming they survived (hint - if they're not surviving start with lower level groups until they get a health buffer), swap to your 25, and clean up the pets. You'll get a lot of xp this one, and against 22-24 wild pets it takes around 6 battles of this style to go from 1 to 10. All in all I think it takes about 60-80 of this style of battle to go from 1 to 25 - which isn't bad at all. In about 2 hours of battling you can get any pet to 25 - what's not to love! :-P
Jaximus said it well. Just swap out the low level first thing and you get XP plus the difficulty bonus.
10/17/2012 06:37 AMPosted by Testeclese
Jaximus said it well. Just swap out the low level first thing and you get XP plus the difficulty bonus.

Almost first thing... it has to be in for at least one round. You can do as little as passing in that round (though I don't get why you wouldn't just cast an ability), but it does have to be in for a round to get its share of the xp. Beyond that though, yep, first thing.

Also, you can have the pet you swap to intentionally die (repeated passing) and then go back to the lower level pet and finish things off, and the lower level gets all the xp to itself. It's a bit riskier though as pets have a higher chance to miss against higher level opponents, and it can be more trouble than its worth if the opposing pet can't finish off your higher level for some reason (like if you're going against a flier that won't stop casting Hawk Eye over and over :-P).
Fastest way to level is a combination of things. First, as has been mentioned, fight pets two or three levels above yourself. Level two pets at a time, keeping one maxed out pet in your third slot to hit "clean-up" if you get into a spot.

Second, try to get one pet to finish all three opponents. There's a big xp bonus for doing that.

Third, and probably most important, your pet has to live to get any xp. Don't take chances or get greedy. All your efforts will go right out the window if the pet you're leveling dies - hence the suggestion for the clean-up pet.

Have fun.
10/17/2012 05:57 AMPosted by Jaximus
you really only want to battle with rares where you can help it (and you can usually always help it).

Actually, you get the same exp from battling against a poor enemy as you do a rare enemy. And the poor are a loot easier to kill.

If you meant that you only want to use rare pets on your own team, then you're correct.
Apologies, I did mean the pet you're using. Ugh, it'd be very annoying to only try and battle rare wild pets. :-P

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