[H] Antisocial Club (13/13H) Recruitment

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We have the best RL! <3 True story.
He is pretty pro.

The raid is like 90% Belfs tho'. Beware.
more updates
Still looking for a Disc priest and an awesome Boomkin! Come show us your skills!
Looking for boomkin, resto shaman, disc priest!
free bump :D
I hear they are the nicest antisocial people you will ever play.I am a shaman and I support this message. Paid for by the the Hyjal Horde Prosperity Comity...
Still looking for Disc priest, resto shaman, and boomkin! hurry up Kakashka!
We certainly have some amazing people and friends
bumpity bump bump bumpity bump bump look at frosty go!
Lol nice
More updates.
Want a discy if you please :)
Considering all other classes as well as long as you have the right attitude and know your class well.<3
LF healers
Accepting all classes!

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