[H] Antisocial Club (13/13H) Recruitment

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Yes, there's that we are beautiful people lol. I love our raids and look forward to them each week. I hope we get to go back in soon.
I HAVE THE POWA!!!!!!!!!!!
If only you randomly say those things in raids.. oh well, there is always torturing Marcy.
Looking for a disc/holy priest and an Ele/resto shaman(third healer).
Hey there. :) I'm a ranged DPS looking for a good, progressive, and friendly raiding guild. I'm currently 479 item level, will be increasing to 481 or higher on Sunday with the arrival of the Darkmoon Fair because i will gain The Relic Of Yu'lon trinket.

I've recently been on a break from raiding as my previous guild disbanded due to members not showing up for raid times, and i took the opportunity to level a new class. I was previously the main tank of the guild Enraged on my Guardian Druid, Linthiel. We, unfortunately, didn't have much success, however, i am a very competent raider, learn encounters quickly and always research boss fights prior to raids, and did end the previous expansion as 8/8H Dragon Soul.

If you choose to accept me into your ranks, i can promise to be a beneficial addition to the raid group as a person that will always show up, will understand fight mechanics, listen to advice as well as respectfully offer it to those that are in need of it, will always do my best to avoid drama, and fully understand my class and play it to the highest potential I'm able.

Thank you greatly for reading and considering. :)
This is a well run, and friendly guild. Kudos to ASC
Still need ele/resto shaman and a disc/holy priest
Where are you awesome priests?!
Apparently not on this this server! lol
Somehow I never noticed all the other posts I just saw Mylies...but now I see we get lots of loves!
Every time I hear that song I see Will Ferrell and Chris Katan banging their head like the snl skit turned movie Night at the Roxbury

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