[H] Antisocial Club (13/13H) Recruitment

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great people in this guild...if i was still playing id hope to be in a guild of this quality...friendly people and always willing to teach as long as you want to learn....
Aww thanks Moosie!
Updated ilvl requirement.
Two things... Moose OMG I miss you bro. Secondly LF exceptional ranged.dps, especially prefer mage and boomkin/resto
up up and away!
If you still need resto/ele shaman I can help you guys out
We need an awesome balance/resto druid and/or mage now :(
And counting!
LF competitive players....especially hybrids! :)
Still looking.
LF competitive DPS preferably those on the Vanq toidken, ie Mage or Boomkin/Resto dru

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