Unholy PvP!

Death Knight
How is unholy this patch for pvp?
Just as awesome as it's always been.
Pretty similar to last patch, if a bit more disease focused. The burst takes a little longer to set up since we need to earn 4 death runes before we can necro spam, but its worth it once you reach it.

The only non-fun thing about it right now is having my ghoul accidentally killed in fights.

And by accidentally, I mean I was fighting a class with a natural cleave and they killed my ghoul without meaning to. Ghoul hp really needs a buff.
Just make a ghoul heal macro /cast [target=ghoul] death coil

You can top off a ghoul easy with a death coil whenever you have resources to spare :D.
10/14/2012 07:41 PMPosted by Pachyderm
I'm having fun.


Played frost in cata, decided to give unholy a shot and I'm having a blast.
Thanks! I had a blast with it last patch and I wasn't even fully geared :) Hopefully it will still be a class that can wreck arenas and healers!

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