<Vs The Universe 10M> LF PLATE TANK ASAP!

Name: <Vs The Universe>
Server - Sargeras / Alliance / PvP
Format: 10M
> Raid Times: 7-10PM ST - Tues/Wed/Thurs
Loot System: [Whats BEST for the GROUP!]
Website: ( http://vs-the-universe.guildlaunch.com )
Contact: ( Inspectádeck or Reçkless - ShakeWeight#1299 - mikethepineapple@yahoo.com )

Current Progression:
• Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6N / 3/6HM
• Heart of Fear: 4/6N / 0/6HM
• Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4N / 0/4HM
• Throne of Thunder: 12/12N / 0/12HM

Current Needs for Recruiting:
• DPS - [MELEE] Warrior, Ret-Pally, Enhance & DK
• DPS - [RANGE] Shadow Priest or Mage
• TANKS - DK, PALADIN or Warrior

What are we looking for?

Players with a history of success and dedication when it comes to raiding. Clearing past content when it was relevent (35% nerf is not relevent). We want people who constantly push themselves to be better. We want people who want the raid to succeed more than they want individual success or glory.
We'll the 4-6 of us coming over are very skilled and looking for those who want to push into HM's.
This reminds me alot of the guild Nebula from stormreaver's recruitment requirements.
Hmm still needing a RAID LEADER!
Still looking for a FEW more for RBG's and our core.
still looking
hmm, idk what we need anymore.
Hmmm, need a few backups if any1 is interested and also we're starting a alt/2nd grp.

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