dread waste starting quest?

i just finished questing is townlong steppes and i been trying to find a quest giver in Dread wastes but so far no luck. i am level 89 and the map says level 89 to 90 so i should be good, but i am not
You must have missed the quest that leads you to the Dread Wastes. I would imagine this can happen easily if you hit 89 someplace in Townlong Steppes after having completed the prerequisites for the quest because the quest is only available to level 89. It is called "The Threat in the South" and is given by Taoshi at coordinates 46.12,82.47.
I've killed the Sha but the man with the quest isn't there. Help? :s
If I remember correctly, I picked up the quest from someone in the main city. The quest asks you to go talk to some shado-pan on the wall. From there the shado-pan will ask you to scale down the wall and that will lead you on your merry way.
Yes, the quest is called "The Klaxxi" and you get it from one of the rep npcs in the Shrine of the Two Moons (Horde anyway) which GIVES YOU the flight point you need to start Dread Wastes, so you don't have to be able to fly to get there, just take a kite.
Threat to the south - is locked door on the wall - and fathers "pieces" are boggart. The trip from 89.5 to 90 isn't looking fun
Funny, those coords 46.23, are out in the ocean and since you can't get into two moons until 90, kind of hard to pick up quests there.
Where did you get those coordinates?

Even without friends and/or guild mates you can get into the Vale at levels earlier than 90. I made my hearth be at the Shrine of the Seven Stars sometime while I was still in the 80s. In fact I never set foot in Kun-Lai Summit until I was already 90. To get into the Vale with no help you can swim from Krasarang Wilds to Dread Wastes. You then need to make your way to the top right corder of Dread Wastes where in amongst the spiders you will find the rope to climb to the top of the wall. (This is where the Dread Waste quests start as well.) The walk on the wall over to the Vale side and jump off. Then cross the Vale to your shrine.

By the way, if you are having trouble finding the quest givers for the many quests that start the Dread Wastes you can get the addons Wholly and Grail. Together they should be able to tell you which ones you can do, and where the quest givers are.
Cannot speak for Horde side, but I assume that it should be no different than Alliance, level wise.

For Alliance, at 87, you get a cookie crumb quest that takes you to the Temple of the White Tiger to talk to Anduin. If you continue there, you get to talk to the White Tiger, and fight three mobs, and on successful completion, the Gates to the Vale are opened.

You can then ride in and set hearth at the Shrine. At level 87.

I did that with 11 alts, and found it easier at 87 for all alts (except my warrior, he was the only one to die, because his self-heals were poor) than I did duiring Beta at 90.
I was in Vale at level 55 or so. I used a mage port to get there and then climbed on the back of a Sandstone Drake, who flew me to Halfhill. I leveled my cooking to 525, flew back to the Shrine, and set my hearth.
I accidentally deleted my starting quest for dread wastes, so i went there just looking for a starting quest but couldn't find it, any idea where i can find the starting quest?
Ok theres definitely some confusion and misinformation going on here and all over most sites regarding how to get into Dread Wastes.

Just for clarification.

If you were like me, I did my questing mostly in Jade Forest, Valley of 4 Winds and Krasarang. Coupled with dungeon running, I hit 90 there and was seriously under geared, since I was still in an 86 zone. So I needed to find my way over to Townlong and Dread Wastes. But how? I didn't have any quests to take me there. After finally finding a starter quest to get me off and running in Townlong, I found myself at a dead end when I finished all the quests there. Again, nothing leading me to another zone or anything.

If this happened to you, then you probably dont have anyone offering you the pre-requisite quests like: [90] The Klaxxi, [90] Dread Space, [90] The Threat in the South, [90] Better Dead than Dread.

While all these will lead you into the Dread Wastes, you don't need them. Simply go to Bowmistress Li, who is located at Serpent's Spine, Dread Wastes, on the wall. She will give you the first two quests to get you into Dread Wastes, with NO lead up quests.

TLDR: Find Bowmistress Li and get your Dread Wastes starter quests.

Hope that helped.
TLDR: Find Bowmistress Li and get your Dread Wastes starter quests.

Without the breadcrumb quest for Dread Waste (from someone at the Shrine), you won't get the necessary flight path to the Bowmistress and you can't get up to that section of the wall from the ground.
You actually get the "Better Dead Than Dread" quest from the flight master at Winter's Blossom. Just for anyone that got confused when reading Kaz's comment like I did. :)
Without the breadcrumb quest for Dread Waste (from someone at the Shrine), you won't get the necessary flight path to the Bowmistress and you can't get up to that section of the wall from the ground.

actually you don't need that quest you can go to the shado-pan fall back (I only play alliance sorry if this is wrong for horde) yes you aren't going to have the breadcrumb quest flight path but its easy to get on the serpants spine from the fall back so valid point but easy to get around.
if anyone is still looking i found Better dread then dead at winters blossom in kun-lai summit
For anyone who doesn't want to hunt down the quest line to get there, you can just swim around the southern end of the wall, walk up the shore and head to the nearest flight master who will have a quest for you (for horde at level 89 at the very least).
You can just go to the sunset brewgarden and talk to a girl and she gives you the quest Dread Space. 0_0

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