Who broke the Shado-pan/Klaxxi rep/VP items?

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Before I went into the dungeon (on my healing priest) I did not have enough VP to buy the necklace from the Klaxxi, which said it required HONORED rep to purchase it. I ran a random heroic, got just enough VP to buy Links of the Lucid, exited the dungeon, opened the vendor (was parked at him in anticipation) and saw that it now requires REVERED rep! I was still able to purchase the neck piece, but my item level has gone from 458 to 398 with the necklace equipped.

Also, the ring from the Shado-pan, Sorcerer-King's Seal, now says it requires HONORED to purchase it, but I have had it equipped for at least a week, and bought it when it said FRIENDLY rep was required.

And to top it all off, those items are no longer adding to my stats, intellect and spirit being the most important to a healing disc priest. So, essentially, my priest is broken until this mess is straightened out.
Thank you for suggesting that, but I had re-logged once already. I figured I'd take it a step further and close the game and start again, which fixed it. Although, I don't see why such a glitch would exist in the first place.
Because it is a computer program. Bugs and glitches happen.

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