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I know faction changes can take a while to complete, but when I started mine it estimated 1 hour. It has now been 3 and my faction change is queued if I look at my order history and pending if I look at my service history. Is there a way to check and see if this is hung up or it is actually under way? Was hoping to have my shammy available for play tonight. Character name is Bammyshammie on Kil'Jaeden. I updated my payment methods and set paypal to my primary and deleted a bunch of old credit cards that were expired. Thanks in advance!
Character services have been taking longer then normal lately.

any luck? I'm in the same situation..
Same here... Ugh.
Same here this is getting Annoying
02/04/2013 08:20 PMPosted by Roles
Same here this is getting Annoying
Though the average time a faction change takes is about an hour, it can take up to 72 hours and also depends on if you added the card you are using into your billing profile. If you didn't, then it will never finalize as certain verifications cannot process without it.

You might also pay attention to the dates of a thread and if it is beyond a couple of days, start your own thread. Otherwise, necroing one is frowned upon.
02/04/2013 08:20 PMPosted by Roles
Same here this is getting Annoying

In most cases, when there is a delay it is often a good idea to check the transaction to make sure that everything is correct.

Make sure that you have created a Billing Profile for the method of payment that you are using for the transaction.

Doublecheck that the information is correct and matches what we and the bank may have on file.

Check the History/Status page for the transaction and make sure that it is not waiting for you to confirm payment.

Since this thread is a bit old I'm going to lock it. If you require additional advice feel free to create a new one, though it is usually best to contact our Billing and Account Services if there is an unusual delay that has not been resolved with the basic troubleshooting steps.

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