[H] Aphotic 4/6 HM HoF (10-man) LF TANK

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Aphotic is a strict 10-man progression orientated guild based on US-Thaurissan Horde. Since reforming for the release of Mists of Pandaria, we aim to continue being one of the top raiding guilds in the Oceanic region. We are looking for very capable players who are reliable, dedicated and disciplined.

Current Progression:

T14: 6/6 HM MSV | 4/6 HM HoF | 4/4 ToES

Past Progression:

T13: 8/8 HM
T12: 7/7 HM
T11: 13/13 HM

We are currently recruiting the following class(es):

1 x Prot Pally/Warrior
1 x Rogue
1 x Mistweaver Monk

We will consider all exceptional and talented players of any class as well.

Please note the raid times below are AEST (GMT +11).

Wednesday: 10:30pm-2:30am
Thursday: 10:30pm-2:30am
Sunday: 10:30pm-2:30am
Monday: 10:30pm-2:30am

Before you apply, please make sure you meet the following criteria:

- You must be able to make at least ~90% of all scheduled raids over time.
- You must be able to demonstrate great knowledge & versatility of your own class.
- You must be able to consistently perform at an exceptional level.
- You must be able to execute tasks that may be required of you.
- You must be willing to take constructive criticism if given to you.

If you are interested, please contact Lightsftw, Varnoxx or Darkex either through in-game or via our guild web site.

any need for a Frost DK?
Hey Axphyxiate, not currently.
bump for a mage!
LF Geared and experienced Mage!
winclone boomies
Always looking for exceptional applicants of any type.
Hi, are you looking for a particular Mage spec? I'm currently using Arcane but have dabbled and am interested in Fire at the moment, but have only recently become active again (thanks to D3)

My current guild raids at 8.30pm AEST and I get home around 9pm so it's left me out in the cold lately when people are not late/missing.

I would consider transferring to your server if there is a prospect of joining, let me know if my profile is appealing at all.
are u serious
Are you?

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