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Bleeding Hollow
Well first off id like to introduce ourselves.We started our guild about 3-5 weeks before d/s was released and hit firelands hard,gearing for D/S. When d/s was released with half our raid being around 380 ilev we were 3rd ally to full clear week 1 and like server 6th.After that we went through alot of players not showing for raids and myself leaving for afghanistan,we went 4/8H(pre-nerf) before it all fell apart.We have been inactive for 7 months,and xfered last week to this server.

We currently are in need of Dedicated players.Not becoming a hardcore progresison guild but were still here to kill bosses.We will be raiding twice a week but hititng it hard in those 2 days at 9pm server time.We Currently are just looking for players that will work on there own gear as much as they can ie 460+ ilev with enchants/gems n !@#$,not looking for handouts.

We are a 10man raid and in dire need of healers
Our current roster:
Tank 1: Warrior
Tank 2: Pally
Healer/Hybrid 1: druid
Healer 1: ???
Healer 2: ???
Dps 1: Fire Mage
Dps 2: Frost Dk
Dps 3: Ele Sham
Dps 4: Hunter
Dps 5: Moonkin

Phearphrost@yahoo.com is my raid id just find me in game or shoot me a msg thanks

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