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Seeing as I am level 11 now, can I skip the rest of Eversong Woods quests? OR do I have to finish them? I know Loremaster is a VERY long way off, so that is why I am asking.
If you're well past them and their grey, go back and do them when you are max level so you continue to get your level. If not, do them. That is my suggestion. But I didn't finish them all on Kaeil here, but it took me like an hour to finish the rest of Ghostlands (What you need for loremaster) No, I have not finished with loremaster yet by a long shot.
Check the Achievement tab, Quests, Eastern Kingdoms. I'm not sure you need to do those for Loremaster. At least, Alliance side I didn't have to do the 1-10ish areas.
Actually, just checked it on my armory, and they weren't needed.
You don't have to do the 1-10 areas for loremaster.
Do them now, now is the best time to finish off zones while questing. If you think doing these quests is boring now, wait until you completely overpower them -- then they get super annoying.

You're there now, you're getting XP from the mobs, just finish the zone off.
10/15/2012 05:26 PMPosted by Korojin
You don't have to do the 1-10 areas for loremaster.

That's what I said, gawd.
Okay, that's what I figured. I may as well complete them now since they actually still benefit me XD. Just wanted to make sure. Besides being overleveled for Ghostlands is never a bad thing lol

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