[H] OLN Mal'Ganis 25man 3 night Raiding Guild

Guild Recruitment
Please apply at: www.ominouslatinnoun.com

Current Progression: 2/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder

Raid Times: 6:30 - 10:30pm server time Tues/Weds/Thurs

Current Needs:
High: Healers of all classes
High: Exceptional Dps of all classes

Ominous Latin Noun is a semi hard-core semi casual 25 raiding guild on the wonderful server Mal'Ganis! We focus on having efficient and fun raids and our raids can be loud, hilarious and sometimes downright goofy. We want to progress, be efficient with raiding and at the same time keep the environment a game environment and make sure everyone is having a good time and have the opportunity to be themselves.

We believe in freedom of speech and so many guild members joke around and make fun of each other on a daily or hourly basis. This guild is not for the feint of heart!

We welcome new friends and members with open arms and usually those that enjoy to hang out and have a good time on mumble find themselves much more quickly fitting in.

Raiding Requirements:
A more extensive look into our guild requirements for raiding can be found on our website and also by inquiry to our officers.

Our basic requirements are:
A positive team attitude
Raiding history and experience dating back at least 6 months (usually)
Ability to make raid times
Decent skill
Non loot-centric/crazy attitude

If you are thinking of transferring to Mal'Ganis to be with us, know that Mal'Ganis is a very rich server with many guilds and plenty of opportunity for pve and pvp on all levels of casual and hard-core. If you transfer and find that our guild is not a good fit for you, there is certain to be a guild somewhere on the server that suits your tastes. Feel free to talk to me or an officer in game or in mumble to ask questions.

Battletag: Ambrya#1616
port: 40241
Currently needing a feral druid, mage, ret pally, thanks.
Bump. Good DPS plz
Bump! Need warlock/mage!

NEED: resto shammy, high dps of any class except hunters!
bump it
I'm not cool enough to raid and study at the same time! TWO THINGS AT ONCE? NO!

Someone else mage with these crazy people!

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