Shadow-pan Dailies

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So I hit revered with Golden Lotus and was finally able to unlock shadow-pan dailies.

Can't say I'm excited about having to do MORE dailies but whatever, is what it is for now. I pick my companion (Protector Li) and take off to go knock out the four quests.

We get to the first spot where we have to kill 1 Elite mob, Crusher something. I land start shooting one of the crushers with fireballs and for all of 2 secs it seems to be going just fine.
Then Protector Li decides the group of 8 other mobs (about 80 yards away) was threating and pulls them, then another crusher, then another group of eight. Charge, charge, charge until my screen is full of angry red bars all looking to bury my clothie behind in a shallow grave.

What the Hell!

I shot 1 mob, didn't hit fireblast to spread my dots Ever.

Why is my companion pulling all this crap? It would be easier if he wasn't helping.

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