5 shadow pan dailies? really?

Ok so ive been doing dailies with golden lotus and finally hit revered today so my 1st intention was to go start doing some shado pan dailies. I get there and 1 person offers me quests and thats it i completed 4 quest then killed a boss making 5 total quests. I remember GL farming was around 15 quests a day. Im looking up different sites and its saying that theres a total of 15 different shado pan quests yet I get 5. Another says im randomly selected for a different quest giver each day. Does this mean I will only be able to do 5 quests a day from a random NPC or will becoming honored and revered unlock new chains like the golden lotus did? I just need a simple answer b/c if im not going to bother with shado pan dailies if i only get 5 a day thats just beyond retarded
The way everyone in general are whinging about doing dailies they probably will only give us 5 shadow pan to do a day but hopefully we can unlock more because i actually enjoy them and the rewards are worth the effort.
5 dailies and more rep is much better than 10 dailies with less rep to me!

Only done them a few days and it seems to be feeling much speedier than GL
i dont see how its more rep. we were promised 250+ rep for each shadow pan quest and the final giving 385. i completed my 4 normal quests and received 117 for each. literally a waste of time for the annoyance of these quests.
I wasn;t even honored after finishing the first round of dailies. When I started them I was 3/4 through friendly. The rep given is horrible and just not worth it.
I'm almost revered with them already, you get more rep per quest. You guys are lying, or not too bright.

Go Q_Q in world chat or something.
Shamanology is right about how much rep we are getting. I just finished the Sra'vess dailies (they need a serious reworking) and i only got 137 for the 4 base quests and 275 for the final. It's a major disappointment at how long its gonna take after being forced to get revered with Golden Lotus.
There was either a bug or a stealth nerf to the rep gained. I originally was getting 275 per quest and 350 for the ring. Now I see 137 and 138 with 275 for the final. Can anyone confirm the original amounts?
First, if you are not almost done with friendly, or in honored, before you even unlock the dailies, that is your fault for powerleveling and ignoring Steppes and Dread Waste quests... many of which actually give Shado-pan rep. Good job.

That said, there are 15 dailies allowed, however you only get access to 5 each day. They are sets of 5 and which set is open varies by each day. Thats exactly what the "loner and a rebel" achievement suggest when it says complete each set solo:

Yea wowhead said they should give 250 per quest and a final quest worth 350.
Alright so first off. You need to have revered rep with Golden Lotus to get shado-pan quests
2) Once you get shado-pan quests, you'll only be able to recieve 125 rep for the 4 first quests and 250 for the last
3) HOWEVER, if you have "Grand Commendation of the Shado-Pan" which increases rep by 100%. THENNN you'll be able to get the 250/quest with the 375 rep gain at the boss quest.

Did you all forget about the Grand Commendation?
02/12/2013 11:05 AMPosted by Deathdrez
Did you all forget about the Grand Commendation?

Check the dates on this thread. Grand Commendations were introduced in patch 5.1, this thread is from before that.
02/12/2013 11:05 AMPosted by Deathdrez
2) Once you get shado-pan quests, you'll only be able to recieve 125 rep for the 4 first quests and 250 for the last

That was a bug and it's been fixed.
If you also keep in mind that just by doing the quests from Kun-Lai Summit into Townlong Footsteps, you'll be Honored, and partway through to Revered with Shado Pan before you even hit level 90, it becomes even more sensible that there are fewer SP dailies than GL dailies.

I wonder how OP felt when they started doing August Celestial dailies ... :)

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