=LFM 25-ToES/HoF PuG! Update 27 Jan=

If you are interested in having a good time while raiding Toes of Endless Springs and Heart of Fear instances in a 25-man setting, we have put these together. You have no obligation to leave your guild, you can bypass the irritations of LFR, and you can have fun with good people. This is a weekly event, the dates and times never change.

If you are a competent player who can't make a solid commitment to raiding due to work, family, or laziness, or you want to to be in a 25 man raid instead of 10 to see new content, then contact us for a raid spot.


Wednesday 7-10pm ST
Thursday 7-10pm ST

    iLevel 472+* (HoF)
    iLevel 480+* (ToES)
    Good Attitude
    Basic knowledge of the fights
    Consumables, party hats
*Proper gear for your spec equipped, enchanted, and gemmed to the best of your ability

>>We are no longer raiding Mogu'shan Vaults, however we occasionally use a save for Elegon and Will. Please indicate if you're interested in one of these kills.

Loot Rules:
    Main spec > Off spec

    1 piece each of MS and OS loot per raid day (unless no one else wants an item or everybody has received something)*

    BoE items, Patterns, Craft mats = /roll (those who have not won loot yet have priority on these items, got to spread the love!) These are rolled at the end of raid to keep time and focus at optimal levels.

    In the future event of special loot such as mounts, they will be /roll

*Raid loot rules changed on 20 January 2013 from one piece per spec per raid week to one piece per spec per raid day

Current needs:
    See post below!

Contact by In-game mail:
- Puddinpops
- Nél
- Celladrel

Please include the ALT# in your mail if your name uses special characters!


While I have tried to keep this post lighthearted, I would like to stress here at the end that we will prefer to bring individuals who have put forth the right attitude and put good effort into their characters. We do intend to accomplish heroic modes. Most of us (including you perhaps) have seen years of end-game raiding and no one likes to waste their time. Or maybe you are new, in which case, we'd love to show you why people get addicted. :D

If you are wondering why we are doing this, we decided that after our 25-man guild went down to a 10-man during Cata that there were some of us who still craved 25-mans. We enjoy the complexity and fun of a larger raid. We have been raiding that way since Burning Crusade (some of us since Molten Core). I know LFR is probably easier but we miss the camaraderie, respect, and humor that is lacking in the new raid finder.

Hope to see a full raid of awesomeness next week!
Update 27 January

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We have been back on rotation for a couple weeks now and raids have actually been pretty easy to fill. However, we always have one or two spots that need to be filled from trade chat and I'd like to remove that. Come find me, if you're interested.

Need just need any *two* of the following this week:

-Tank (1)
-DPS plate (Pally or Warrior)
-Shaman (of course)

We have either just one or none of the above listed. Please drop me in-game mail or reply here for a calendar invite. Thank you =)
I'm down, I'll contact you guys in game tonight.
Great, looking forward to it!

We've got about 9 so far, confirmed, and it's only been a day since I posted. Woot!
13 confirmed now
Second breakfast?

WTB heals!


WTB heals!


18 invites sent so far.

Thanks for the bump!
Are you planning to run this later into the month/next month and on-going?

I'm hoping to level soon when I get free time to gear and what-not.
Are you planning to run this later into the month/next month and on-going?

I'm hoping to level soon when I get free time to gear and what-not.

Yes, we will keep going until we have a steady group of excellent players. Have fun leveling and may luck be on your side for gear drops!
Up, up, and away!
Healer spot left still?
Heck yeah. I'll look for you in game or drop you mail.
10/21/2012 03:36 PMPosted by Ctpjessica
Healer spot left still?

Beradon sent you a calendar invite.

I'm feeling the sweet rush in my veins, hurry up Wednesday! Just a couple precious spots left. I hope everyone shows up. Better get my LFM trade macro ready just in case.
20 invites sent and accepted.
Up for Update!
Hey man, I have school on Wednesday and do not get out til 9 PM Server Time, but I am free Thursday?

I was just reading your own LFG thread :P

I'll toss you an invite for Thursday on the calendar.

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