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Up for tonight, woot woot
bump for weekend readers!
the weather outside is frightful....
12/11/2012 09:55 PMPosted by Mabuhai
the weather outside is frightful....

Not where I live. It's gloomy and Windy lol, yet last week it was in the 70's this week the mid 30's with high's in the 40's. Odd weather...
Still looking for dps :)?
I am always looking for reliable dps, preferably some plate or mail wearing class. I have lots of leather and cloth wearers.
Last set of raids for 2012!
hey id love to get in on this!

i never read the forums anymore or else i would of hit you up awhile ago. My ilvl isn't quite 480 yet (477 actually) and i haven't done any "real" raiding this xpac due to a new school schedule, but i'm confident with my ability. Check my past achievements if you like. hmu in game if your interested. =D
I will look for you in game. Welcome to the forums! haha =D
happy new year!
i would be down to heal 25man.. i know fights and how to be a drood.


yes thats really me and idr the alt code so might be easier to /who hell and ask someone for me.
Up you go

/wave Glimmer

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