Quick temp fix for looping Mage Bomb sounds.

Didn't see this as a solution anywhere, so here ya go.

Make a new macro and put this in it:
/click AudioOptionsSoundPanelEnableDSPs

This enables/disables Death Knight Voices without having to go through the menu system. Key-bind it, and hit it once if you want the looping sound gone and twice to keep DK voices still enabled/disabled, whatever your preference.
That macro works great. Thanks for the hopefully temporary help!
Run away with me to another place
We can rely on each other uh huh
From one corner to another uh huh
Thank you very much. I have avoided this guy since 5.0 because of this glitch. Forget the nerf bat, someone needs to hit Blizzard with a Louisville Slugger.
I found this to be the best solution; cut and pasted from another thread on the subject:

1. Go to the "World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Spells" folder. (Create folders if they do not exists)
2. Make a new file called "PreCastMageLow.ogg"

This should replace the current sound with nothing.

And if the waterelemental bubbling noise irritates you, while there create Sound\Creature\WaterElemental\WaterElementalLoop.ogg

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