anyone know of a Feral that livestreams ?

There arent very many high rated ferals that stream or even make videos atm : / Miirkat is gone and Zybak plays a monk now. I havent seen many others in a while. Yips has a few videos but nothing new.
WTB mewnfare...
Sodapoppin on twitch
Sodapoppin does.
plasticduck has videos on youtube about Feral druid. Better quality and higher "skill" than Soda in terms of playing the class and the videos he puts out.
I've got my girl on board for all of the video editing now and I'm considering making some fun videos of her and I fool'n around. IN GAME

Possibly steaming some Feral/Resto BG/Arena action as well.

Please don't pin me as a guy who thinks he's the best out there. I enjoy the class and strive to become better but fully understand I still have a long way to go.
Sodavirgin despite the name is really quite good and has a funny stream at times

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