Laosy Scouting Daily Bugged

Bug Report
The quest "Laosy Scouting", where you have to rescure Lao Softfoot, is bugged. The cage that he is in does not show the cog symbol and you can't open the cage to release him. This wouldn't be a huge annoyance if it wasn't required to get to the next two quest hubs for Golden Lotus. Hopefully this is fixed by the end of the day. All players on Frostwolf, both Horde and Alliance, were just camped around him, not able to rescue him.
Same issue, same server
Tried to reset UI by deleting cache, interface, WTF. Still bugged. Can't do anymore dailies which really sucks because MoP is World of Dailycraft
same issue. plz fix, 4 day ticket wont help us

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