Need Spreist and Heals for RBG

Absolute Chaos is looking for more dedicated PVPers for our daily rbg team. We start at 6 server and run for a few hours 7 days a week. If you are full dreadful (w/gems and enchants) and can be on 5-6 days a week for RBGs please send in game mail to Xeror. Previous RBG exp is required. We need a spriest and healers (pref resto druid and resto shamman).
Hey Xeror, I'm a shadow Priest with full dreadful looking for a pvp guild to join. I also have the full dreadful healing set too so if you need a priest healer/Spriest I'm your guy. I'm usually online during the night because in college and on a sports team so that the only times i can play. I play during the weekend too that if I don't go out. :)

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