Which Class Do You Think Is Most Fun In Mop?

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Just looking for opinions on what class you guys find most fun in Mop and why.I have never really been a serious pvper but i am looking to possibly get into arena's and what not.And i want to pick a class i am going to enjoy playing most.I don't care about how op they are just looking for the one that is most enjoyable.So feel free to post your opinions on what you enjoy most.
Its tough to say because I only play Paladin, Shaman, and Druid. Between the 3, Shaman is the most fun. I never had this much fun with elemental before.
Having so much fun as Elemental....I do not do PVP though.
hunter :D
I've been liking both Holy and Ret a lot, both more or less because of the burst throughput I have.

Other than that, I've just been gradually leveling my druid and shaman. Really liking them as well, especially the new rage system on Bears.
My main is a BM hunter, does pretty decent. But then again solo quests in this game...
Demonology lock. the army of imps xD
Hmm see i have everything almost at 85 i have a druid,warrior,rogue,mage,priest,pally.And there all fun but they get boring pretty quick.I have not leveled a Shaman so i might try that i just need to find the class for me i guess.But everyone i have played gets boring at one point or another.I don't know if anyone else has had this kind of a problem when playing.
MONK! But, I am a bit biased as I was waiting years for this class to hit WoW.

Plus, a lot of ppl will say because it is the new shiny toy, of course it will be fun. It's new! The DK was the flavor of the month when they were introduced, but for me at least, I am having more fun with this monk than I did when I tried a Dk at the beginning of Wrath. My fun then was more or less because a friend and I were leveling our DKs together. We could have been leveling anything together and had the same amount of fun. The majority of this monk has been solo and still looking forward to logging on each day to play her.
Monk, I just can't seem to work up a desire to play any of my other toons.
Having a tone of fun leveling and dungeoning as unholy! Probably just me.
How are Monks at 85 + i was really thinking about leveling one but i have heard some bad stuff about em so i was kinda blaa about doing it.Point being i don't know if i have very much in me to go through the boring quest lines the same content again to 85.I really would like this to be the last time.So it's between a Lock,Shaman,Hunter,Monk,Or Dk.
Warrior is Best RAce
Samson --> I find it difficult to answer your question because it's so opinion-based. You can read 11 replies and get 11 different opinions on this.
That being said, I'll give you my opinion...

For PvE/Leveling --> Blood DK is so ridiculously awesome! You can level so fast due to its ability to pull a dozen mobs without breaking a sweat and without any downtime. I loved it!

For Raiding --> I cannot answer....There's so many class/specs that are fun, in my opinion.

For PvP --> Currently, if you roll a warrior, you'll love the game. Sadly, PvP is ....you know what? I'm not going to get into this PvP topic.. I'll just say this --> Since December 01, 2007, I've never been as frustrated with PvP as I am now. In fact, I am not doing any PvP at the moment due to a couple of frustrating reasons...

All in all, I love Resto Shamans, Blood DK's, Prot Paladins and Shadow Priests (I'm only speaking about PvE/Raiding though)
Warrior is not race, Glitter lawl
10/15/2012 12:37 PMPosted by Samsòn
How are Monks at 85 + i was really thinking about leveling one but i have heard some bad stuff about em so i was kinda blaa about doing it.Point being i don't know if i have very much in me to go through the boring quest lines the same content again to 85.
Only lvl 86, but so far my windwalker is pretty strong. Friend has a lvl 90 and can't get them to play anything else atm. As for dungeons, I haven't run much, they have and seem to hold their own.

As for the leveling process~ Loom up, bank the rested XP, have FT2, and for monks the daily buff for XP. A level before the hero board opens up, head to the zone (example~ WPL is a 35+ zone, quests open up at 34). Keep your quests Yellow & the coveted orange, don't bother with green/grey. Get the most bang for your buck with that monk buff. Don't run and do your daily unless you have a bunch of quests ready to work on. It's a waste of the buff if you run and get it the moment you ding the 20/30/40etc... or get the daily and then spend 30 minutes running around getting to the next quest hub.

And for vanilla, mix it up! Look at all the zones. Are there ones that you haven't leveled in in forever? Go to those. Don't take your same track you always take. It's the only time we really have a choice of where to go at each level stage. If outland is your bane (like me) finish off vanilla to 60. Bank the rested XP and move right to zanger for a round of quests, then off to TkF for a round, then Nagrand if you're a skinner and do Nessingwary's line. Should be close to 68. If not, BEM, SMV or NS for a round. Plan it right and you can be out of Outland in a few hours.

Also, Archeology, Mining & Herbing provide XP and every little bit helps. It all adds up when trying to level a new toon.
Im biased but I love how they changed shadow.

Pvp wise, meh. Shadow is in a good place, but with so many warriors and bm hunters now PVP is frustrating to no end.

Shamans overall, look like a ton of fun though, but I think ill never level mine.
10/15/2012 12:33 PMPosted by Shelldoor
Demonology lock. the army of imps xD


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