[A] <Propaganda> is recruiting!! (6/16)

Propaganda is a small, tight knit guild that is currently raiding 10 mans.

Guild Stats:
Guild Lvl: 25
Guild Achievement Points: 1360
Progression: MV 5/6 HoF 1/6 ToES 0/4
Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 7-11 pm server

Recruitment Needs:
ilvl of 470+ and vent are required.
Plate dps

still need members for group 2
bump bump
bump bump
bump bump
still need peeps for Group 2
bump bump
need a boomkin for G2!!
11/01/2012 10:02 AMPosted by Bigsippy
Too bad you're on alliance, this interested me.

u can always faction change :)
still need a plate dps for group 1
DK DPS here. Been raiding since ICC with Raid Leading experience and Main Tanking experience as well. Also, multi-class/multi-(role/spec) experience for most raids. The only issue is that 7pm Tuesday would be cutting it close for my work schedule.
bump bump
group 2 is in need!!
look for a few good players to fill out the raid
afk Jimmy Johns is here!
bump for the homies on the right.
need some good players to fill the ranks!
to the top!!

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