Scenario item loot table ?

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Anyone got a link showing the table loots for scenario ?

I can,t seems to find any
as far as I know, there aren't any.

you get a Cache of Treasures, which generally has gold and a low (~1%) chance at a heroic-level BoP blue item.
I was getting about a 30% drop rate (take that fairly low sample size for what you will) of 463 blues from the Scenario chest rewards I ran Sat afternoon, getting a total of 6 items. As Telzey's gear can attest to, I received rings (not unique so you can equip two of them), cloak, neck (2) and legs.
Basically, the bags have the loot of Satchel of Helpful Goods buffed to i463, but the drop rates of holiday bags.
I could see wowhead listing a low drop rate due to combining all the results. A paladin isn't going to get mail shoulders, for example, but wowhead ignores that as far as I know.
Ehh speaking of loot from the geater Scenario loot, I didn't know you could get epics from those till today when I got a epic 476ilvl helm called Mogubreaker Hood of WindFlurry. unfortunately it's BoP and the poor epic goes to waist considering I have a higher ilvl helm. To bad... I think they should make the Epics and Blues BoE, you'd be makin cash if you don't need it at lest so the item doesn't end up getting vendored for a lot less than it's really worth.
What's sad is, I rely more on scenarios for gearing up than I do heroics. Granted, half the gear I get from scenario bags I can't use for either spec, but I'm getting something. Of course, I still have to do heroics if I want trinkets, but at least I can fill the other slots.

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