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When switching guilds and losing rep or rank, you are warned that you will lose (#) RANKD with "whatever guild". Unsure as to what "RANKD" is but it sure isn't english.
The quest "Echoes of Thunder" has the same issue as "Rise Of An Empire" - Tak-Tak offers my Horde character a ride to Seven Stars instead of Two Moons.

Screenshot -
The message to purchase another sha-touched gem from Wrathion says "upgarde" instead of "upgrade".

"I would like to upgarde another sha-touched weapon."

Seen in Thunk's Abode, Desolace.

Pretty sure you meant "Ambassador."

Edit: Turns out "Embassador" is actually listed in the dictionary as an archaic form of Ambassador. Still, it is inconsistent with all other usages of the word in the game.
Korjan Collectors in Krasarang Wilds:

"The pandaren are not hear to save you now."
For the level 90 quest daily, "Whitepetal Lake", there is a typo in the description.
Reports suggest that things are quiet at Whitepetal Lake today, but I've dispatched Ren Firetongue and He Softfoot to make sure it stays they way.

Should be "that", not "they".
The Infinite Whelpling's tooltip says 'You better belive he knows what time it is.'
Kun-Lai Summit

When you first arrive at Winter's Blossom, if you speak with Suna Silentstrike, she says:

"Lin is upset - Zhiya was his good friend ..."

Quest text from Lin Silentstrike (A Line Unbroken) and corpse text identify him as Zhiyao.
Pet journal entry for the "Infinite Whelping" has a typo in the flavor text:

"You better belive he knows what time it is."

The display model is also oddly off-center and sits too low in the pet journal. Odd.
The Schools of Arcane Magic - Divination has this one:

"opposite sex on a
this is your last warning"

There seems to be some text missing. Maybe that's intentional, but even so, I can't figure the grammatical construction "on a ___"; Also "This is your last warning." should have a capital at the start and a period at the end as it is a separate full sentence.
The trample tool tip: "Your goat tramples the enemy, kicking up an obscuring cloud of dust, causing all enemies within 10 yards to have their spell cast speed increased by 50% (25% on player targets) for 30 sec."

Not sure if this is a typo and I am hoping it is. But I think increased is supposed to be decreased, if I am wrong I would like to know.
Druid spell tooltip: "Celestial Alignment"

The text reads: "In addition, casting Moonfire also applies THE THE periodic damage effect of Sunfire to your target."

Two the's.
Quest: Preservation (Order of the Cloud Serpent Daily)

"While the cloud serpents become ever rarer, those brutes are... are...

<Suchi takes a deep breath>

...they're eat their eggs for dinner! It's horrible!"

Shouldn't that be "...they're EATING their eggs for dinner"? or even "those brutes eat their eggs for dinner!"
Meng-do, Strength of Mountains from the quest Ogudei's Lieutenants casts a spell "Devestating Blow". Shouldn't that be devastating?
Seed of Tranquil Growth

I believe the "Tranquil Spout" should be "Tranquil Sprout".

(as shown here)

"Summon Tranquil Sprout, Summons a Tranquil Spout ......."
One of the Kezan Citizens in the Gallywix labor Mine on The Lost Isles says, "Shirts with leg-holes. Reversable shirtshorts!" when you give her/him the Kaja'Cola Zero-One. It should, of course, be 'Reversible'. C=
Quest: Riding the Storm
Objective: Shan'ze Cloudrider saved: 0/8

The quest text properly refers to the mobs as Cloudrunners. It's just the objective that's typo'd.
On the quest "Gourmet Kafa" in Kota Peak, the quest says that you have to mark 10 deposits, but the quest objective is to mark 15 such deposits.
The correct spelling is "referring."

Tog'thar ( says: And we don't appreciate you refering to our friends as a 'ball and chain,' doc.

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