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Wrathion's quest 'Echoes of the Titans' asks you to get stuff from raid bosses in the 'Chambers of Flesh-Shaping and the Halls of Thunder'.

I'm guessing that should be 'Halls of Flesh-Shaping' and 'Pinnacle of Storms'?
Hello all.

Basically copying something I made a separate thread for before I was told about this thread.

I know it's a small thing, but I just created a human warlock and was doing the quest 'Corruption' from Drusilla La Salle in Northshire when I noticed a small typo. The floating text that checks off objectives (ex. Practice Corruption 2/5) and where it's listed in the quest text, 'Corruption' is misspelled 'Corrupiton'.

It's a small thing that I barely noticed, but I thought I'd bring it to Blizzard's attention.
In the quest "A Wing to Fly On" on the Isle of Thunder, the first line says "Recover a Wild Thunder Ptrerrorwing Hatchling'. The item itself is called a pterrorwing. Almost missed that extra r.
   The alliance quest "Anduin's Decision" mentions where to find Admiral Taylor, but refers to "Glassfin Village" when the actual place name should be "Pearlfin village".

After turning in the quest "Poisoned!", a brief conversation occurs between Kor Bloodtusk and Sunwalker Dezco.

Kor Bloodtusk says: Dezco, we must strike at the mogu now while they think us weak. Let us unleash this <class> on them.

Kor Bloodtusk says: Dezco, this is a weapon of the horde. You should unleash it on the Alliance.

Sunwalker Dezco says: This was not supposed to be a combat mission.

Kor Bloodtusk says: And the Alliance wasn't supposed follow the same visions your wife was having.

It should be "wasn't supposed to follow". Also, the conversation seems a bit disjointed. I'm not certain that Kor Bloodtusk's second line really belongs in it. (Although, perhaps I was just catching a bit of some other player's actions.)
"Binding captured souls into nearby Crumbling Jade Warriors, brining them to life."
"The mogu have been sending their narcissistic stone effigies onto our battlefield today. They're brining them to life up on the Golden Stair."
"Watersmithing" (object 215779) - The object's text misspells the word 'scavenge.'
   There are a number of places in the game where text and quest text mix up East and West directions. I usually just laughed and moved on, but figured I'd start also reporting the mistakes.

   In the quest given by the Monkey King, "The Second Riddle: Fellowship", the Shrine of Fellowship is referred to as being "Southeast of Tian Monastery". It should be "Southwest".
In the Pet Journal, it says the source for Eye of the Legion is "Timewalkers: War of the Anicents".
Kal'tik the Blight on aggro says "devour all who oppose use!".
While the quest "A Hello to Arms" is active in the player's quest log, Friz Groundspin <Flight Master> has specific text. The word 'autopilot' is misspelled as 'autopiliot' in that quest-specific text.
While leaving a guild then joining another one, it will prompt the message:
You will lose one rankd of guild reputation with <guild>

I'm guessing it's supposed to be:
You will lose one rank of guild reputation with <guild>
This is a rather technical error but I'm going to report it anyway.

In the conversation that a player can have with Vol'jin (at Sen'jin Village) about what happened to him in Pandaria:

We travelled to de Shado-Pan monastery

(Emph. mine) The correct American English spelling is "traveled."
In the conclusion to the "Battle for Razor Hill" quest, Vol'Jin (speaking to Baine) says:

"Lor'themar be ready to strike once he finish wit da Isle of Thunder, and da Banshee Queen need no excuse, but they both across da sea. Without ya strength, we can't breech the city. I need tauren arms."

Breech = part of a gun
Breach = what he means (break into the city)

Oh and Aliok: Valour, colour, honour, travelling, levelling are all correct English. Your dialect may have variations.
Quest Item: Partially Soaked Pages (Page 2)
Item Number: 73410
Proudmoore Alliance

Spelling error in text.
'bade' should be 'made'.

Screenshot attached.
Quest: Hop Hunting
Proudmoore Alliance

When you talk to Gai Lan as part of the quest objectives he says:

"Would that I could, <rogue>... etc..."

It should either be "Wish that I could, or would if I could"

Screenshot attached.
Quest: First Assault
The quest text contains the sentence: "Go and confront the Osul Sharphorn up the mesa to the west."

Sharphorn should be pluralized as Sharphorns, as it is in the Quest Objective:
"Kill 5 Osul Sharphorns"
Quest: Perfect Pitch

The quest text contains the sentence: "They use this terrible weapon to shed not only blood, but to raze the homes of their enemies."

Current phrasing implies that they shed something in addition to blood. It should read:

"They use this terrible weapon not only to shed blood, but to raze the homes of their enemies."
Quest: Chasing the Storm
Proudmoore Alliance

'ressurect' spelled incorrectly.

Screenshot attached.
Quest: Putting an Eye Out"

Text reads "To the west I have seen creatures of mist and fog" so I headed west . . .

The Mire Beasts are actually located at a considerable distance to the north-east.

This text really needs correction! Some of us prefer not to use too much "help" in our questing.

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