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There are several of the Trinkets that come from quest rewards that have the typo "Trow" versus "Throw" in the Use text.
Enchant Weapon - River's Song lists its materials as 1 River's Heart Gem, and 50 (yes fifty) Mysterious Essences. I don't know if that is intended or not, but that is a ludicrous number of essences and I feel as though 5 is what it really requires, and that 50 is a typo. Also, I noticed a typo in the buff you get for finishing 1st place in the cloud serpent race.
On the quest Scavenger Hunt, the item Rusty Shipwreck Debris has an apostrophe to make "bombs "into the possessive "bomb's" though there's no subject for bombs.

He expects to make bomb's what?
During the quest "SI:7 Report: Fire From The Sky" Sully says "no Anduin", but the text says "no White Pawn".
Quest: Getting Permission, questgiver Syra Goldendraft
On challenging Pandriarch Goldendraft, he says "A Wanderbrew wants to marry an Goldendraft?!"

should not be 'an'
Quest: The Sprites' Plight, questgiver Outcast Sprite
"Slay 10 Stonebound Destroyers the Woods of the Lost and discover their source."

missing the word 'in'

On completion of the quest, 'blood-curtling' should be 'blood-curdling', and 'animate' should prabably be 'animated'.
Quest: An Urgent Plea, no questgiver - automatically given in Terrace of Ten Thunders
"Take my staff from the altar and charge it with Anceint Spirits!"
should be Ancient

after defeating enough spirits to make Shan Jitong retreat, the model of him that spawns to run away has a (PH Model) tag
10/16/2012 04:30 PMPosted by Amilo
portal in shrine of two moons reads "Ogrimmar" and not "Orgrimmar"

Aw I thought I would be the only one to notice that :P
The swords you must plunge into Inquisitor Whitemane's corpse. The item description on the quest item has "Whitemane" misspelled as "Whtiemane"

Not sure if anyone else has noticed and posted. Very minor typo, but typo nonetheless.

Also, I made a thread regarding the "Tricks and Treat of Pandaria" achievement.
The last item reads "Valley of the Four Winds - Thunder Cleft"
I hate to break it to ya, but Thunder Cleft is in Krasarang Wilds, not Valley of the Four Winds.
Epic fail.
In the Shadopan daily "Riding the Storm" The quest objective is "0/8 Shan'ze Cloudrider Saved", but the mob you are saving is called "Shan'ze CloudRUNNER"
Quest: A Test of Endurance, questgiver Master Stone Fist
when turning it in to Instructor Myang
"I have already heard your name whispered several times, usually between the puffy and discolored lips one of your sparring partners."

should be an 'of' between lips and one
Quest: Burning Bright, questgiver Guard Shan Long
"Before I became to the monastery, I was a stranger to battle."

became should just be came
Book: The Mogu and the Trogg
page 2
"The mogu used the very waters of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to shape this creature in to a weapon."

'in to' should be 'into'

page 3 I just have problems with
'arms of strong' is probably intentional but reads oddly. 'but not an enemy found' may need a he between enemy and found. 'and looked for trails' could be followed with 'he did' to match up with the rest of the sentence.
Quest: Get Back Here! questgiver Elder Sage Wind-Yi
when speaking to Ginsa Arroweye for a flight, the option is to fly to 'Glassfin Village', rather than Pearlfin
Matron Vi Vinh in the Shrine of Seven Stars:

"I have the softest featherbeads you can find for a thousand miles. Would you like to try one?"

Unless Pandarian furniture is weirder than it looks, that should be 'featherbeds.'
The Horde quest "Missed me by... that much!" in Jade Forest has the goblin saying "We're all outta drones, but my rocket boots might get come in handy... or footy, as the case may be!"

Also in Doren's Logs (book that can be found after you kill Commander(?) Doren) there's a bit on page 2 that says "Light help him, they were out or blood" rather than "out for blood"
Book: Vaeldrin's Journal
page 1
"The odd part is the language is neither elves nor trolls."

should be either changed to elven/trollish or possessive forms
Book: The Dungeons of Dojan
page one
"Translationed by Lorekeeper Vaeldrin"

should be either translated or translation
possibly intended but odd

quest: Squirmy Delight, questgiver Kang Bramblestaff
on turning in: "With this I can make a stew potent enough to knock these waifish elves on their feet."

knock them on their feet, rather than off? the quest item said it had a healing aroma, so I guess maybe.
NPC Lyalia, one of the possibilities when opening conversation:
"She said it was because of her visions but I am guessing it was because my father was the one who talked her in to approving the mission."

'in to' should be 'into'

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