MOP Typo & Grammatical Error Megathread!

Bug Report
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Quest: Crane Mastery: Needlebeak, questgiver Daggle Bombstrider
"Northwest of here you'll find the big water fall that kicks off the Dojani River."

waterfall should be one word
Farmhand Bo, while doing Westwind Rest, asks, "Any would on coming from Binan?" when you are talking to him to say that you are from the alliance and here to be a superhero
The quest "Wulon, the Granite Sentinel" has a typo in the quest description. It uses "their" when it should be "there" instead.
I'm not sure whether or not it's intended, since Jogu the Drunk is..well...a drunk. But he refers to a crop that doesn't exist when the high forecast is for Jade Squash.

"Jade Melonsh grow the color of milky jade. Conditionsh will be perfect tomorrow for growing thish vegetable... I think."

There is a Jade Squash and a Striped Melon, but no Jade Melon. I can confirm that this forecast predicts Jade Squash.
I noticed when I was doing my dailies for the Golden Lotus that there is a typo with a speech of the Golden Lotus Guard.

How to reproduce : Kill a Shao-Tien Soul-Render that holds captive a Golden Lotus guard. Upon pulling, he will release his prisonner and sometimes, the guard can say "Nightmares! Horrible nightmates!"

EDIT 1 : I was waiting after the Refuge Point hotfix before posting, it seems that this typo is not corrected, when you have your map opened, hover your mouse over Refuge Point and the text displays Refuge Pointe. If this is intended, then there is a bug with the achievement Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms, the achievement step is written as "Arathi Highlands, Refuge Point"

Nightmates should be Nightmares.
While leveling in Jade forest, I was at the part where you go to twinspire keep and kill Horde.

Somehow I recieved a debuff that turned me into a demon. After mousing over it, it said Damage taken increased by 25%, crit chance incrased by 10%. Lol Incrased
Quest: Endurance, questgiver Jian Ironpaw
"Train the recipe for Wildfowl Roast from the Master of the Oven, then give him 5 Wildfowl Roast."

The Master of the Oven is female, so that should be 'her'.
possibly intentional as his speech is accented, but

quest: The Great Water Hunt, questgiver Mudmug
"I heared lots of good things about the water they got here."

questioning if 'heared' should be 'heard'
In the quest log for "Lost Scouts", received is spelled as "recieved".
quest: Balance Without Violence, automatically given when you reach Unga Ingoo while doing the quest Balance

"Some of the fish that the Unga hozen have gathered don't seem do be dead yet."

'do' should be 'to'
quest: The Rider's Bind, guestgiver Fei
"The littles ones tend to be mischievous,"

'littles' should be 'little'
Mistfall Villager says: Nightmares! Horrible nightmates.

Nightmates is a bit full of innuendo, I would think!
Pearlfin village is still called Glassfin village in a few places. Example: when you are sent back from the jade temple, you can fly normally to Pearlfin village, but the text offers to send to you Glassfin village.
quest: The Spring Drifter, questgiver Brewmaster Boof
on turning in
"Wheh, we made it."

'wheh' should be 'whew'
In the Valley of Emperors, after completing An End to Everything, Image of Lorewalker Cho says "Theses tombs hold many secrets."

'Theses' should be 'These'
quest: Blue Dwarf Needs Food Badly, questgiver Sully "The Pickle" McLeary
on turn-in
"I'm telliin' ye, these Kun-Lai meaty bits are grade A goodness!"

'telliin' should be 'tellin'
Being picky but... One of the tips on the loading screen talks about looking up fansites or the forums if you can't find NPCs.

In the tip it uses the acronym WOW, where in actual fact it should be WoW - little 'o'!
A Thoroughly Read Copy of "Nat Pagle's Extreme' Anglin."

There's a pointless apostrophe after the last "E" in Extreme.
Didn't see it mentioned yet(didn't look, tbh), but the quest "Anduin's Decision" tells you go to Glassfin Villiage to speak with Admiral Taylor.

There is no Glassfin Village. There's a Pearlfin Village, which is where the quest market is.

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