MOP Typo & Grammatical Error Megathread!

Bug Report
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The "Legend of the Brewfathers" exploration achievement description says:

"Discover the each of the" - that first "the" shouldn't be there.
quest: The Missing Muskpaw, questgiver Lao Muskpaw
"They dragged him off to Pranksters' Hollow south east of here."

'south east' should be one word
quest: The Late Mrs. Muskpaw, quest starting item Muskpaw's Keepsake
"This well worn trinket has several markings on it confessing love and adoration from the late Mrs. Muskpaw."

'well worn' should have a hyphen
quest: The Fearmaster, questgiver Lao Muskpaw
"My wife, bless her, poured her heart and soul in to that ranch making it what it is today."

'in to' should be one word

"Them yaungol got a leader over there being all smug and what not."
'what not' should either be one word or have a hyphen, not certain how it's actually supposed to be
quest: Back in Yak, questgiver Muskpaw Jr.
"Return to Muskpaw Jr. if you loose your yaks."

suppose there's a chance it could be intended, as in 'if you set your yaks free', but 'loose' should probably be 'lose'
quest: Beyond the Wall, questgiver Elder Tsulan
"We received word the Shado=Pan have begun a counter attack in to Townlong Steppes."
'counter attack' and 'in to' should both be single words
"The pandaren have not traveled in force in to Townlong for thousands of years."
'in to' again
quest: Turnabout, questgiver Shado-Master Chong
"Our true enemies are the sha, not the yungol."

'yungol' should be 'yaungol'
Ya Firebough, when you find him for the quest Holed Up
"I am Ya Firebough, illustrious leader of this formerly maginificent hamlet."

should be 'magnificent'

the reward from the quest, Jin Warmkeg's Brew, says it summons Jin Warmbrew's keg, rather than Jin Warmkeg's
While on the quest "In Skilled Hands", Hawkmaster Nurong says when the player approaches "<class>, up here!". However, the class name is all lowercase letters.
quest: Oil Stop, questgiver Slimy Inkstain
"Perhaps it is thing of much undiscovered luck."

it's a grummle so maybe it's intended, but would normally go with 'is a thing'
quest: Roadside Assistance, questgiver Smokey Sootassle
"A luckydo remembers to bring incense on a journey in to the mountains"

'in to' should be 'into'
quest: Path Less Traveled, questgiver Lorewalker Cho
"Many years ago Shaohao traveled to the highest peek in Kun-Lai to seek the guidance of the Jade Serpent."

'peek' should be 'peak'
quest: An End to Everything, questgiver Image of Lorewalker Cho
"Instead, death was merely a stop over on the path to a new body."

'stop over' should be 'stopover'
quest: Stealing Their Thunder King, questgiver Image of Lorewalker Cho
quest item Bottom Fragment of Lei Shen's Tablet

'histoy' should be 'history'
quest: Chasing the Storm, questgiver Image of Lorewalker Cho
"It won't be possible for them to ressurect him in the Valley of the Emperors."

'ressurect' should be 'resurrect'
quest: What's Yours Is Mine, questgiver Steelbender Doshu
quest item Blood-Stained Blade

'remenants' should be 'remnants'
quest: Bros Before Hozen, questgiver Brother Rabbitsfoot
"Look for him at the alter in front of Fort Silverback."

'alter' should be 'altar'

after completing the objective:
"Speak with the Brother Yakshoe at Knucklethump Hole in Kun-Lai Summit."

'the' should not be in 'speak with brother yakshoe'
quest: Hozen Love Their Keys, questgiver Brother Yakshoe
quest item Yeti Shackle Key

'mishappen' should be 'misshapen'
quest: Unleash The Yeti!, questgiver Brother Rabbitsfoot
"He uses this yeti to scare other hozen in to making him the leader hozen."

'in to' should be 'into'
quest: The Leader Hozen, questgiver Brother Rabbitsfoot
"Yakshoe will lead Tassle in to arena and scare away Chomp Chomp."

'in to' should be 'into'

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